Hotel guests were shocked when a robot appeared at their door to serve the room

A hotel guest was left stunned after a robot butler approached her door when she ordered room service.

TikToker Sarah A. VanVactor (@gogettersaraha) was staying at the Aloft Hotel in Chicago when she ordered a toothbrush. But to her surprise, she saw a robot at her doorstep delivering the requested item.

In a viral clip with more than 4.2 million views, she filmed her interaction with her future helper. “I called room service to get a toothbrush. Look what came,” Sarah writes in a text overlay as the robot housekeeper, with an open case full of toothbrushes and lollipops, beeps and chirps.

The robot’s blue light emanates from its base, seemingly inviting hotel guests to retrieve items from inside. The TikToker took out a disposable toothbrush and tapped into several dialog boxes on the touchscreen displayed on the device.

After doing so, the robot assistant exclaimed again before turning around and closing the door and laughing. “Lol, it’s not me talking to it,” she captioned the clip.

Many TikTok users in the comments section found the robot butler adorable. “I love the happy chirps and lil dances when you give 5 stars,” one person said. “Oh my god I love his little squeals, he’s so cute,” another added.

Others couldn’t understand why Sarah didn’t take the opportunity to enjoy the unique candy opportunity offered by delivery robots. “Why don’t you get a lollipop? oh, one user commented.

“I actually took about 20 pieces of candy just to see you take ZERO,” another shared. “NOT HAVE ONE CANDY?” a third person wrote, to which the TikToker replied: “I think I was in shock and too stunned to grab a lollipop.”

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This is just the latest robot-related moment to appear on TikTok; Previously, a restaurant went viral after his robot server spilled two drinks all over the restaurant floor.

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