How did Thirani Peiris Daughter Netasha Peiris die? Meet Husband Geetal Peiris

In this article we will talk about Netasha Peiris, daughter of Thirani Peiris. She passed away in a tragic incident. Netasha is the daughter of a famous beautician who owns a beauty salon in Negombo. Thirani is very famous on social networks. News of her daughter’s death is spreading on every social media platform. This is very shocking news. Thirani also runs a beauty academy called “Thirani Peiris International Beauty Academy”. News of her daughter’s death shattered the internet today. Netasha died while she was traveling abroad. Her death was completely unexpected. Everyone is very sorry for her because she passed away at a very young age. Now people are interested to know about Thirani and Netasha. People want to know how she died. Netizens want to know everything about this case.

Thirani Peiris .'s daughter

Thirani Peiris Daughter Netasha Peiris Death

We did a lot of research on this case and we gathered a lot of information about this case. We will share each information about this case. We will also give you some insight into Netasha and Thirani. So read the whole article till the end and please don’t skip any stanza or line of this article if you want to know about every minute detail of this case.

Thirani Peiris .'s daughter

Her beloved daughter Tirani Peiris, licensed beautician, Netasha Peiris, died suddenly while traveling abroad. Ms. Tirani Peiris, a beautician, and Geetal Peiris, a lawyer, are her parents. Netasha had only one brother in that family. According to the post, Netasha fell ill and died at her home in Malaysia after completing her studies at Monash University in Malaysia after achieving A-Levels at the Lyceum International School in 2020. Many artists shared their feelings. Their shock and grief on social media was in response to the sudden passing of Mrs. Tirani Peiris, who had close ties to the art world.

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Thirani Peiris .'s daughter

Thirani has its own beauty academy to train new talents. Thirani Peiris International Beauty Academy. Her salon page has more than 22k followers on Facebook. Thirani’s husband’s name is Geetal Peiris. This is a very sad time for both of them as their daughter is no longer in this world. Relatives, friends and family all mourned her. People send their condolences to her family. May her soul rest in peace. So stay tuned to PKB news for more useful information.

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