How Did Tony Valdez Die? Veteran Fox 11 News Reporter Passed Away at 78

Recently, news about Tony Valdez has been spreading online. When the public learned about him, they were all shocked. They all went to the internet to know about him because he used to be a famous journalist in Los Angeles. Everyone went online to know the cause of his death, not only that they also looked into his health. In this article, we will provide information regarding Tony Valdez’s death as well as about his personal life. Please follow the article to learn more about the cause of Tony Valdez’s death as well as his obituary.

How Tony Valdez Died

How did Tony Valdez die?

At the age of 78, Tony Valdez, a famous journalist who spent more than 30 years reporting on Los Angeles for Fox 11, passed away suddenly. When he began his career in 1981 and continued working there until his retirement in 2016, Valdez was one of the few Latino television reporters. In the 1990s he co-hosted weekend shows with Christine Devine and hosted Sunday Midday. He covered important events such as the Watts Riots, the Hillside Strangler and Night Stalker serial murder cases, the OJ Simpson trial, and countless political races during his career. Valdez is known for his dedication to journalistic integrity and his deep understanding of Los Angeles.

Tony Valdez

End-stage kidney failure caused Valdez, a longtime Fox 11 reporter, to pass away at the age of 78. His son reportedly confirmed his father’s passing and said Valdez passed away at home. FOX 11 anchor Christine Devine affirmed that Tony Valdez is a journalist fully committed to reporting the truth and has a deep understanding of Los Angeles. Devine further mentioned how highly Valdez is regarded by his peers. FOX 11 Acting News Director Pete Wilgoren praised Valdez as a pioneering journalist, advocate and mentor who helped Latino journalists in Los Angeles overcome the color barrier.

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Who is Tony Valdez?

Veteran reporter Tony Valdez suddenly collapsed from end-stage kidney failure. According to his son, Valdez had been battling the disease before he suddenly passed away at his home on Friday morning. Valdez certainly received treatment for his disease, which may have included dialysis or other procedures to control symptoms of kidney failure. Valdez received medical care but ultimately, complications from his illness caused his death. A serious disorder in which the kidneys almost completely lose function is end-stage renal failure. In the days before his death, Valdez’s health and well-being may have been a concern for those who knew him or followed his career.

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