How long can a TikTok be? Video length & how to make TikToks longer

As the app has gotten more popular, TikTok has been changing how long a video can be. But how long is the maximum that a TikTok can be? Here’s everything you need to know.

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms, thanks to the wealth of trends, filters, songs, and funny videos that live on the short-form app.

But as the user base increases and more people try their hand at content creation, many are wondering whether there is an option to film and upload longer videos.

Can a TikTok be longer than 60 seconds?

Videos on TikTok can currently be up to 10 minutes long.

While users could originally only record and upload 15-second videos on TikTok, that limit was later extended to one minute, and then to three minutes, following demand for longer videos in order to be able to incorporate more into one video.

TikTokTikTok has become a hub for all sorts of viral trends.

Although the 3-minute limit has allowed content creators a lot more space, some requested that the limit be extended again. In February 2022, TikTok revealed that they were starting to roll out 10-minute videos across the platform.

The new video length has proven to be useful for many users, who often have to upload a video in several parts in order to give a tutorial or share a storytime.

How can you make a 10-minute TikTok?

To make a 10-minute TikTok, you will first need to ensure that the option is available on your version of the app. Make sure that you have updated TikTok in your relevant app store, but if the option for 10-minute videos is not there, it may not be available in your area just yet.

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To check if you already have the feature:

If the option isn’t there, it might mean that you currently don’t have access to the feature. However, as TikTok rolls it out to more and more people, it shouldn’t be long until you’re able to make much longer videos.

  1. Open TikTok.
  2. Click on the plus button to open the camera.
  3. Above the pink circle button, swipe to pick from 15s, 60s, 3m, or 10m if the option is available to you.

Make a TikTok with multiple videos

If you’re not able to make the most of the 10-minute video feature, then you might have to get creative with cramming as much content into 3 minutes as you can. One way to be efficient with the time limit is to upload multiple clips for the same video and crop them to your liking.

  1. Launch TikTok, and click the plus button to start a new video.
  2. Click the ‘Upload’ button in the bottom-right corner to upload media from your camera roll.
  3. Tap on the circles on the pictures or videos you want to add to your video to select them.
  4. Click ‘Next,’ and then ‘Adjust clip’ to edit the length of your videos.
  5. Tap ‘Save,’ then add any effects, text, or music you want to add.

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