How much does PinkyDoll make on TikTok? NPC TikToker & OnlyFans star reveals earnings

TikToker and OnlyFans star ‘PinkyDoll’ went viral for her streams acting like an ‘NPC’ — and she’s making major bank off the trend that’s now exploding on social media. But, how much money is PinkyDoll making exactly?

In 2023, TikTok star and OnlyFans creator ‘PinkyDoll’ (real name Fedha Sinon) took social media by storm after a clip from one of her live streams was posted on Twitter.

In the clip, PinkyDoll repeats phrases like, “ice cream so good, yum yum,” and “yes, yes, yes,” all while using a flat iron to pop individual kernels of popcorn.

The bizarre clip spread like wildfire and spawned a new trend of streamers acting like ‘NPCs,’ or ‘non-player characters’ from video games. Now, it’s one of the hottest fads on the internet… and PinkyDoll says she’s making some serious dough from it.

How much money does PinkyDoll earn on TikTok streams?

PinkyDoll has revealed she makes up to $7,000 per day from her TikTok NPC content.

In an interview with the New York Times, PinkyDoll claimed that she’s making quite a killing from her combined outlets of OnlyFans, Instagram, and her TikTok streams — a total of about “$7,000 per day.”

The creator said that she makes around $2,000 and $3,000 per TikTok stream, which involves viewers giving her virtual stickers that cost real money to send.

Every time viewers send her a sticker, it triggers an action from PinkyDoll, who repeats a phrase like “ice cream so good,” when prompted with the corresponding sticker.

Instagram: pinkydollrealbPinkyDoll is making some major dough from her viral ‘NPC’ live streams.

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“I was just being cute,” PinkDoll told the Times about her business venture. “I remember someone saying, ‘Oh my God, you look like an NPC.’ And then they start sending me, like, crazy money.”

PinkyDoll also admitted to getting inspiration from characters in GTA for her streams. “I was like, ‘I’m going to try to do it like them,” she claimed — although she also said she isn’t entirely “sure” what an NPC is.

PinkyDoll’s OnlyFans earnings

In addition to her TikTok content, PinkyDoll is also active on OnlyFans, where she posts more intimate content.

She hasn’t revealed how much she earns from OnlyFans, but it is known to be a very lucrative platform for popular creators, with the likes of Corinna Kopf earning as much as $2 million per month.

But, PinkyDoll has had issues arising from her OnlyFans content too. In August, she threatened to sue websites hosting her exclusive content without her permission, easily accessible through a Google Images search.

PinkyDoll isn’t the only ‘NPC TikToker’ getting mad money from her streams; after her broadcast went viral, another creator claimed she’d raked in $700 during the first three hours of an ‘NPC’ stream.

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