How To Decorate an Unused Fireplace

You have a beautiful fireplace, but it is no longer usable for one reason or another. Now you’re stuck with this natural focus in your room, but there’s no way to actually use it. This does not mean that you are stuck with an awkward hole in your wall.

What you need is a few unused fireplace ideas to get you inspired. Think beyond the fireplace and use the fireplace as an opportunity to create your own screen as a focal point.

These ideas will show you how to decorate an unused fireplace so that it adds to your decor.

1. Hide it by Screen

The simplest and easiest decoration idea is to hide the open space with a fireplace screen. With this approach, you don’t have to worry about cleaning or painting the firebox to make it presentable.

This solution is great because it leaves the option open for future use of fireplaces.

When choosing your screen, find a screen with a decorative design and block your ability to see through it.

The screen should extend from one wall to another so that the entire front of the fireplace is blocked.

Match the design of the screen with the interior design theme in the rest of the room. A modern room will look good with a simple square in dark gray or black. A rustic, farm or bohemian room will look beautiful with a woven screen.

2. Create A Fake Screen

reusable-salvage - fake-fireplaceLinda Rhodes/Shutterstock

You know your fireplace doesn’t work, but that doesn’t mean anyone else needs to know. Instead, style your fireplace and fireplace as if it were an active fireplace.

Leave the chimney intact and style the false fireplace layout in the firebox. Start by placing a grid in the middle.

Scale the size of the grid to the available space. Then put a few logs on the blister. You can choose really dry logs or fake logs that look like wood but don’t.

Place a fireplace tool holder next to the opening on the fireplace. It will have a small broom, Play poker, and everything you need to tend to fire.

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3. Use flower arrangements

flower-arrangement-faux-fireplaceanastasiyaand / Shutterstock

Place a large vase in your fireplace and use it to store greenery or fresh flowers. Vasesource black ceramic planters have a nice low design, giving you plenty of space for your larger planters. Its simple design gives it a modern feel that will look good in a contemporary home.

This rustic and weathered oak barrel is perfect for a home plant flowers or fresh cut flowers. Its rustic design and wine barrel shape make it perfect for a rustic or farm interior design.

Keep in mind the amount of light coming to your fireplace. If it is a light-deficient area, then you will want to use a sturdy houseplant, such as pothos, English ivy or snake. These are all easy to keep alive, have low light requirements, and do not require water requirements.

4. Light It With A Lantern

unused-fireplace-with-Lanterndikkenss / Shutterstock

Create a soft glowing light similar to when there is a burning fire. You can use pillar candles, but that is excessive. Instead, arrange candle holders of width and height. This style of arrangement creates visual interest by having diversity.

Another great option is to use metal floor lanterns with white candles or fairy lamps. Choose an odd number of Lanterns of different sizes. Then place a chain of battery-powered fairy lights in each lantern.

5. Stack Wooden Logs

diary stacked in stone fireplace lounge lamps hanging wooden coffee table

A natural solution to your unused fireplace is to fill it with wood. This makes sense because the fireplace is meant to burn wood. Stacked wood remains true to its original use while giving it a refreshing look.

You have a lot of options when choosing the wood you use. A popular option is to use chopped wood that looks like stacked firewood. These are pieces of wood that have been divided. Another option is to use logs that are still around.

Stack the wood so that it fits together and fill the space with the display heads. If this feels too simple, you can draw the end of the logs for a striking color. If the idea of using a diary is really unattractive, you can buy a birch tree that fills a space design that does all the work for you.

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6. Organize Your Magazine

unused-fireplace-with-magazineYour Home Needs This / YouTube

Are you an avid magazine reader? Then you know the struggle of having your magazine stack cluttered flat surface. Your inactive fireplace is the perfect place to store your magazine collection.

Buy a magazine rack and put it in the firebox where the normal fireplace will sit. Then you can fill it with magazines. The Mkono macrame magazine stand (shown above) is the perfect option to complement your bohemian decor ideas. Its handmade appearance adds a lot of texture to the room. It also doesn’t look like a typical magazine holder, which makes it look more decorative than functional, but its large size means it can accommodate many magazines.

7. Decorate The Screen

unused-fireplace - with - Christmas-decorationAlexander Tolstykh/Shutterstock

Instead of leaving a single screen all year round, consider using your unused fireplace as a seasonal decoration opportunity. For example, use pumpkin, pine cones, dried flowers and autumn leaves for Thanksgiving. Then, finally, change the fireplace decoration to have a winter or holiday theme for Christmas.

For spring, you can have decorations inspired by Easter or fresh flowers. Halloween is the perfect time to escape from your most spooky decorations. In July, add red, white and blue decorations to a patriotic screen.

8. Add Tiles

unused-fireplace-tile-design-with-flowerSGM / Shutterstock

Instead of leaving your fireplace with the original tile or painting it, give it a fresh and modern feel by tiling it. You will see decorative ideas using large-scale tiles for a modern look, marble for a chic feel, or mosaic tiles for an artistic touch.

While rectangular subway tiles never go out of fashion, don’t be afraid to use tiles of different shapes. Fish scales and geometric patterns are now in trend. Using bricks is an innovative way to update your fireplace while keeping it true to its original purpose. Brick is durable and heat resistant.

9. Add space heaters

how to decorate a fireplace do not use fireplace decorationThesomersetstovecompany / Instagram

The whole point of having a fireplace is to add heat to the room. If your fireplace is not working, then you are missing out on this heat source. This may not be a big problem for modern homes with modern hvac systems. However, for older houses, this can lead to unkempt rooms that are uncomfortable to be inside.


Instead of making the fireplace reusable, consider adding a space fireplace. You can choose one that is styled to look like a classic stove. With this approach, you are adding heat back to the room while also adding a decorative piece.

Classic kitchen style is perfect for a rustic room. If you prefer a more modern feel, you can put a square space heater into the opening with a fire digital display. Now you have the best of both worlds.

10. Making Bookshelves

unused-fireplace - with-booksTrack / Shutterstock

Turn your fireplace into a built-in bookshelf. Start by painting the inside of the firebox. Then paint the board to match. Attach the boards in the firebox space. You will be able to comfortably mount one or two shelves.

Now you have extra storage space that doesn’t take away your floor space. Use this additional storage space as a small library, displaying your prized collection figurines or whatever else you want to be in the center of the room.

11. Basket


A common decoration tip is to have a basket where you store additional pillows and blankets. Now you have a large basket that you have to put somewhere in your living room. An unused fireplace is a perfect place.

You can paint inside the firebox or leave it intact. Clean the space and remove residual soot and ash. Place a large woven basket that comfortably fills the space but leaves room for you to fill it with pillows and blankets. Then you can pull it out when you need it and stuff it away when you don’t.

Having this basket on display helps to create a feeling of coziness in the room. Although you can implement this idea in any design theme, it works especially well in the farm room or inspired by Scandinavia.

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