How to get $0.85 worth of Blizzards at Dairy Queen this September

To commemorate the 1995 invention of the Blizzard, Dairy Queen will offer $0.85 ice cream Blizzards for two weeks this September. – but how to get the dish cold?

Sweet treats under the sun are one of the best occasions of summer. From saltwater toffee on the East Coast to a cold ice cream cone on a hot day, treating yourself to such indulgences from June to September feels appropriate.

Luckily, for those who love ice cream in the summer, they’ll be able to buy a mini Dairy Queen Blizzard for just $0.85 – that’s right, under a dollar!

What’s more, Dairy Queen has added fall flavors to its menu, giving customers even more reason to try their $0.85 Blizzards.

What is Dairy Queen Blizzard?

Dairy Queen Blizzard is a blend of soft serve ice cream (vanilla, twisted or chocolate) with optional toppings. It is then served with the iconic red spoon. Sometimes, customers even get to see their Blizzard turned upside down to show that nothing fell out.

Steps to get Dairy Queen Blizzard for $0.85

This year isn’t the first time Dairy Queen has offered a $0.85 Blizzard to customers, as the deal was a recurring deal from years ago to commemorate the 1985 invention of the Blizzard.

While going to Dairy Queen and ordering a small Blizzard may be the way to supposedly get the $0.85 deal, the rules still apply.

So how can you buy Blizzard for under a dollar? Well, it’s pretty simple – here are the steps to enjoy Dairy Queen’s deals.

  1. Download the DQ app to your mobile device
  2. Sign up for DQ rewards
  3. The $0.85 Blizzard deal can take up to 24 hours to load on the app
  4. Just one small $0.85 Blizzard per customer
  5. Enjoy!
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When can I get a Dairy Queen Blizzard for $0.85?

The deal begins on September 11 and will continue until September 24.

While it’s every ice cream lover’s dream to be able to get multiple Blizzards from Dairy Queen for under a dollar all year long, there’s only a two-week period during which customers can take advantage of this deal.

Only one mini Blizzard of any flavor is offered to each customer who signs up for DQ rewards on the mobile app.

What Blizzard flavors does Dairy Queen offer?

Dairy Queen allows customers to choose any of their toppings and syrups such as cookie dough, candy pieces, chocolate or caramel syrup, etc. However, there is also a menu of Blizzard flavors that customers goods can be selected. Which includes –

  • Chocolate chip cookie dough
  • Turtle pecan cluster
  • Extremely delicious Choco Brownie
  • Oreo cookies
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • butter fingers
  • health bars
  • The person chuckled
  • M&M’s Milk Chocolate Candy
  • Royal Reese’s Fluffernutter
  • New York Royal Cheesecake
  • Royal Ultimate Choco Brownie

There’s also a limited-time selection of sweet Blizzard flavors to enliven fall taste buds. Limited time options include –

  • Pumpkin cake
  • Snickerdoodle cookie dough
  • Oreos hot cocoa
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cakes
  • Caramel Fudge Cheesecake
  • Strawberries dipped in chocolate

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