How to hide comments on TikTok live

If you’ve ever used TikTok, chances are you’ve watched a TikTok live before and seen the chat scroll across the screen. But did you know there’s an easy way to hide conversations? Here’s how you do it.

Short-form video app TikTok is the largest viral content hub on the internet today, with over a billion users and countless different communities constantly creating and interacting with content on the platform.

Users can upload videos up to 10 minutes long, and once they meet certain account criteria, they can also go live to their followers.

You might find yourself regularly tuning in to your favorite influencer’s livestream, or you might stumble across a creator’s livestream on your For Friends Page. Either way, if you’ve watched a TikTok livestream before, you’ve probably noticed viewers’ live comments scrolling through the video.

If you’ve noticed your screen getting cramped and you want a more comfortable viewing experience, here’s how to hide those comments.

Unsplash: Solen FeyissaTikTok is the viral content hub on the internet in 2022.

How to hide chat when watching TikTok Live

This may not seem obvious at first glance, but hiding comments on TikTok Live is actually an extremely quick and easy process once you know how to do it.

The first option is to tap on the ‘Clear screen’ button. You can find this button by first clicking the share icon in the lower right part of the screen. Then, on the pop-up box, tap on ‘Clear screen’ to delete the chat.

If you don’t have this button or it’s not visible to you, there is another method to hide comments. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Open TikTok.
  2. Find the Live you want to watch.
  3. Swipe right on the screen to dismiss the comment. All that’s left is the creator’s name, the exit button, and the video itself.
  4. To bring comments back, just swipe left.
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This can make watching live streams on TikTok a much more comfortable experience because you will no longer have to worry about comments blocking important parts of the screen.

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