How to Turn Off Blue Ticks in WhatsApp

Don’t want others to know when you see their messages in WhatsApp? Here’s how to turn off the blue check mark by turning off read receipts.

The blue checkmark in WhatsApp lets you know when others have read your messages, but what if you don’t like the functionality? Maybe you feel pressured to respond before you’re ready, or want to use the app in a more stealthy way.


Whatever the reason, we will show you how to turn off the blue check mark in WhatsApp.

How to disable WhatsApp blue ticks

WhatsApp’s blue check mark is controlled by a simple toggle. To find it, open the Settings menu (on the bottom bar of the iPhone app, or below the three-dot menu in the top right if you’re on Android). Next, select the Privacy panel. Inside, find the Read Receipts toggle and turn it off.

2 pictures Open Linked Devices option in WhatsApp Settings WhatsApp iOS Turn off read receipts

This will prevent you from sending read receipts to the people you chat with, so they will no longer see the blue checkmark after you open their messages. As the app explains, another effect of turning off this option is that you won’t be able to see a blue check mark on your own messages once others have seen them.

Note that you can’t turn off read notifications for group chats, even with this toggle on. You also can’t turn off “play receipts” for voice messages, so that information will always be visible to other parties.

If you use WhatsApp Web, note that the blue checkmark cannot be removed from WhatsApp on your PC; you will need to use your phone to change these options.

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Read Receipts vs. Green Bugs

In case you don’t know the term, read receipts and blue ticks both feature the same thing. Read receipts are the messaging app’s function to let others know when a message has been read, while the blue checkmark is how WhatsApp shows read receipts.

See our overview of checkmarks in WhatsApp for more information. It is even possible to know exactly when your WhatsApp messages were read.

Keep it secret in WhatsApp

You can now use WhatsApp without your contacts knowing if you’ve read their messages. While this functionality has a lot of benefits, such as providing confirmation for simple messages like “Available in 10 minutes,” it’s not for everyone.

While you’re thinking about this, there are other ways you can make WhatsApp more secure and private.

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