Ingo Babrikowski Biografia: How Old Was The CEO Of Estafeta

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Ingo Babrikowski

Biography of Ingo Babrikowski

Mexican businessman Ingo Babrikowski is best known as CEO of Estafeta Mexicana. He was hired by the company as chief operating officer in August 1998. He held this position until August 2001. Then, from November 2002 to February 2007, Ingo began working as COO. Babrikowski has a long history with the business. Everyone who lives near Ingo and his family are devastated by the latest confirmation of his death. Outstanding businessman Ingo Babrikowski became famous after leading an organization called Estafeta Mexicana as its CEO. Babrikowski also has a documented, verified observation in the shipping and handling business.

Biography of Ingo Babrikowski

He excels in the fields of international business, strategic planning, entrepreneurship and negotiation. Talking about his professional path, Ingo started as assistant logistics manager at Philips Gmbh. From April 1995 to April 1998, he worked there. Babrikowski received a position as operations supervisor at Estafeta Mexicana after leaving Philips GmbH. After becoming CEO in January 2009, he held many positions and became famous. Babrikowski was also honored for his creative work and the company remembered him as an outstanding colleague who devoted himself to his work.

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Ingo Babrikowski died at the age of 52. Bull Frag reported that Ingo was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1971. After that, Ingo apparently moved to Mexico to pursue a better future. He studied at the University of Hamburg after completing training for a degree in logistics and industrial enterprise management. Babrikowski Cranfield School of Management then graduated in 2002 with an MBA in General Finance. Ingo’s family history and early years are not revealed in any other way on the open platform. Ingo’s family is mourning the loss of their beloved loved one, who has passed away at the age of 52. Ingo is believed to have passed away from natural causes. Follow us for the latest news.

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