Is Below Deck Seine real? Captain Sandy’s “new program” is exposed

Published: 2024-04-01T22:05:54 ❘ Updated: 2024-04-01T22:05:54

A commercial for the 2024 Paris Olympics teased the Below Deck Seine series with Captain Sandy Yawn, but will the French spinoff actually happen?

The entire Below Deck fan community went crazy after news of a potential spinoff started spreading on social media.

Bravo’s official YouTube channel shared a video in which Captain Sandy Yawn is asking Olympian Carissa Moore where she can park her superyacht. She also asked the champion athlete if she could captain one of her teams, and Carissa happily agreed. The clip reveals that the name of the series will be called Below Deck Seine.

This leads viewers to believe that the yachting series has finally had its first TV series in France. However, before you start getting your hopes up, there’s one detail you should know: The clip was posted on April Fool’s Day.

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As confirmed by the text ‘Not Coming Soon’ in the video, this is both an April Fool’s joke and a promotion for the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics in Seine, France. Who knows? Maybe a French series will get the green light in the future, but for now, Bravo is just having fun on a cheating vacation.

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On the plus side, there are still more than enough actual spin-offs for BD fans to enjoy, like Below Deck Adventure and Below Deck Down Under.

In fact, fans have put on their detective hats after the cinematographers were spotted filming in the Seychelles, located in Africa.

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Since this doesn’t happen anytime close to April Fool’s Day, the crew is in fact filming the Below Deck series, fans just don’t know which show it is yet.

Since there aren’t any BD shows currently being filmed in Seychelles, there might actually be a new spinoff announcement soon. Just make sure it’s not done on April Fool’s Day.

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