Is Taylor Swift dating NFL player Travis Kelce?

When rumors surrounding Taylor Swift’s love life began, fans speculated that she was dating NFL player Travis Kelce.

Besides being one of pop music’s biggest stars, Taylor Swift, 33, is also known for her ever-changing relationship status and has had a rotating cast of boyfriends throughout her 17-year career. .

She’s not shy about it either as many of her songs have lyrics that evoke the feelings of her ex. There’s her song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” – inspired by Jake Gyllenhaal, “Dear John” – about John Mayer, and let’s not forget the song “Style” – about infamous ex Harry Styles hers.

But Swift doesn’t always make music about her exes, because she’s clearly a relationship girl. While she may not have initially gone public with her dating life, fans tend to speculate who she’s dating — and as of right now, it could be NFL player Travis Kelce.

Instagram: taylorswiftTravis Kelce tried to give Taylor Swift his number on a friendship bracelet during her ‘Eras ​​Tour’ stop in Kansas City.

Travis Kelce’s brother says he thinks Taylor Swift dating rumors are “100% true”

Who can ask Travis Kelce, 33? Well, he’s on the Kansas City Chiefs’ NFL team and won his second Super Bowl against the Philadelphia Eagles just last year. He was drafted in 2013 and holds many records as one of the “greatest” tight ends to ever play.

The two were initially linked when Kelce tried to give Swift his phone number in the form of a friendship bracelet during her ‘Eras ​​Tour’ stop in Kansas City earlier this month 7 hey.

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It has never been confirmed whether Swift ever called Kelce after he tried to flirt with the pop star. However, after Swift was recently seen wearing Kelce’s opal around her neck, fans have reason to believe that the two are actually seeing each other.

Not only that, Kelce’s brother, Jason Kelce, an NFL player for the Eagles, also commented on the rumors about their alleged relationship, saying: “It’s hard to answer because I really don’t know more about what’s happening at Travis. ‘ love life, and I try to like, keep his… business and stay out of that world.

Kelce’s brother Jason continued to talk about Kelce and Swift potentially being exclusive together, saying, “But with that being said, man, I think he’s doing great and I think it’s all 100% truth.” He then jokingly wished them well, as he didn’t exactly confirm their relationship, saying he hoped their supposed romance would go the distance.

To heighten the speculation, one commentator even inserted a pun on the word ‘Gap’ when recounting a recent Kansas City Chiefs game, saying, “Kelce finds a gap for the score.”

Neither Swift nor Kelce have made any statements about their rumored romance. However, both continue to thrive, as Swift is still on his multi-billion dollar ‘Eras ​​Tour’, while Kelce is just a few games away from entering his 10th season That’s with Chiefs.

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