IShowSpeed ​​donated to the fan’s mother as an apology for almost getting her son suspended from school

IShowSpeed ​​donated $500 to a fan’s mother as an apology after nearly getting her son suspended from school.

IShowSpeed’s live streams can get chaotic, be it his reactions to watching the new EA FC 24 or the infamous moments where he almost burned down the house while setting off fireworks indoors. That’s right, it happened twice.

Sometimes while streaming, he may hold FaceTime calls with fans. With the intention of connecting with the audience, these moments can often go awry. This is exactly what happened recently when he almost got a fan suspended after calling his teacher a “b*****”.

Despite apologizing to fans and offering $50 for his troubles, viewers were still confronted by his mother, to whom Speed ​​personally apologized.

During a recent broadcast, he ended it by FaceTiming with a fan for whom he almost got suspended. The fan told Speed ​​about how he was having trouble with his mother and he offered to smooth things over with her.

However, his offer to smooth things over was unique. “I want to help you relax. I can tell you guys have so much tension in your body and I want to release it… I can tell by your voice, honey,” he told the fan’s mother, making her clearly enjoyed it.

“I’m a 25 year old financial officer, do you feel what I’m saying? I can help you,” he told the mother, making her wonder if he was trying to give her money.

Speed ​​asked her for her Cash App account, to which he transferred $500 to resolve the trouble he had caused. However, after sending her money, Speed ​​decided to “bother” his mother, calling her “beautiful” and admitting he was trying to “turn her into a mine.”

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Telling the mother, “I’ve been keeping an eye on you for three months but your son keeps on guard,” making fans uncomfortable. Luckily for viewers, his mother did not reciprocate Speed’s feelings.

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