IShowSpeed ​​is shocked after YouTube deleted the stream for violating its gun policy

Streaming star IShowSpeed ​​was left confused after a YouTube stream was removed for violating the site’s “gun policy.”

IShowSpeed ​​has quickly become one of the world’s most famous creators and is famous for his wild antics on television.

From setting off fireworks indoors multiple times to teasing some of football’s biggest stars like Luis Suarez, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, there’s no telling what you’ll see when you tune in to his broadcasts that.

However, the 19-year-old’s actions got him into some trouble with YouTube, when his recent livestream was deleted for violating the site’s gun policy.

IShowSpeed ​​violates YouTube’s gun policy

On February 11, Speed ​​shared on his alternate Twitter/X account that he had received an email from YouTube, informing him that he had violated the platform’s gun policy in a recent livestream — during which he went to a shooting range.

“Hey IShowSpeed, we wanted to let you know our team has reviewed your content and we believe it violates our gun policies,” the email read. “We know you may not realize this is a violation of our policies, so we won’t issue a strike to your channel.”

However, Speed ​​remained unimpressed and somewhat confused about how he had violated policy, noting the numerous gun videos on the site. “There are actually videos of people filming on YouTube,” he said. “Contact my agent quickly.”

While Speed ​​luckily did not receive a strike for this incident, YouTube admitted that he may not have realized he was violating their guidelines but the stream was still removed.

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However, despite being baffled by the background of the situation, Speed ​​uploaded a full video of himself in the shooting range to his YouTube channel.

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