Jack Black’s Britney Spears cover has fans begging for an “early 2000s white girl” album

Jack Black’s most recent TikTok sent fans into a frenzy. His cover of Britney Spears left fans asking for more.

Jack Black has extraordinary vision on camera. The man appeared in The Mandalorian, voicing an iconic video game villain, and he’ll return as Po in the latest Kung Fu Panda installment.

Of course, music is probably his first love and Tenacious D fans know he’s no slouch. Jack Black can pull that off with the best of them.

A recent upload to his TikTok account will surely prove any doubters wrong. His iconic cover of the Britney Spears classic stunned his fans and now they want a whole new project.

In TikTok, Black brings his usual energy to a cover of Britney Spears’ ‘…Baby One More Time’. Backed by Tenacious D band member and longtime friend Kyle Gass, the two absolutely nailed it.

TikTok users seem to think so as they are heaping praise on the video. “This is better than the original,” said one fan of Black’s cover. “That man didn’t miss,” another replied.

The performance was so captivating that fans said they needed more. They wanted a complete musical project dedicated to Black that addressed similar hits.

“I would love a black-only album of early 2000’s white girl music,” said one user with hundreds of replies in agreement. Don’t let the fact that this particular tune came out in 1998 stop you from asking.

Lyric LemonadeJack Black is no stranger to a high-budget music video and this deserves to be a high-budget music video.

We don’t know if Jack Black’s schedule would allow for a covers album of early 2000s pop hits, but we wouldn’t say no.

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If you’re eager for more from this man, you can find your solution when Kung Fu Panda hits theaters on March 28, 2024.

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