Jaimee revealed her new relationship after her cheating scandal with Culver on Below Deck Down Under

Jaimee from Below Deck Down Under

Jaimee from Below Deck Down Under has found new love after her cheating scandal with Culver in the season finale.

Season 2 of Below Deck Down Under ended in turmoil for Jaimee and Culver. After Jaimee kissed Luka in the season finale, fans assumed Culver would end the relationship. However, he instead wants to make it work, which causes Culver and Jaimee to remain romantically involved.

According to Jaimee, she only stayed with Culver because she “didn’t want him to feel bad.”

Thinking about them leaving the show hand in hand, fans began to wonder if the couple was still together. As Jaimee revealed on Instagram, her relationship with Culver is officially over. Instead, she is in a relationship with a new mystery man whom she “loves very much.”

Jaimee from Below Deck Down Under has a new boyfriend

Following Jaimee’s cheating scandal involving Luka and Culver on Below Deck Down Under, she continued to inform fans that she is in a new relationship with someone else.

“I just want to say that I am currently in a very happy and loving relationship with someone I love very much,” Jaimee revealed on her Instagram story.

However, it seems like Jaimee is trying to keep her current relationship private as she doesn’t share pictures of them on social media.

The reality star continued to imply that she wanted to protect her current relationship from public attention. She added: “Out of respect for him, I don’t want to go into it too much.

Jaimee went on to explain that regarding her romance with Culver, a lot of things were taken out of context. However, she affirmed that she has nothing but love for her ex-lover.

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Despite the fact that Jaimee has a new lover, fans were quick to criticize her behavior towards Culver in the season finale of Below Deck Down Under.

“Imagine how Culver felt watching that episode,” one fan wrote on the Below Deck Down Under subreddit. “She left with him to make him feel good, but a year later, made him feel like shit.”

Another fan agreed, writing: “WHY JAMIE, WHY!?!!!! UGH, UGH, just ugh. I hate that she left with Culver because she felt bad… No one should EVER stay with someone because they feel sorry for that person. No….just a sad no.”

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