Jake & Logan Paul finally come together to resolve the beef from the heated viral debate

Jake and Logan Paul addressed their beef in a new episode of imPaulsive, marking the first time they’ve spoken about it since the show began.

Over the years, the Paul brothers – Jake and Logan – have complained about each other on social networks. It became one of the hottest content on YouTube in 2017, when they fought each other with diss tracks and played a central role in that year’s YouTube Rewind show with a ‘war’.

They are also back on the same page, supporting each other’s businesses. Even so, there were some controversial moments between them.

Most recently, Paul butted heads when Jake appeared on episode 390 of imPaulsive, when Jake called Logan “condescending” after they argued about things like not doing business together and Logan working with KSI.

Jake and Logan Paul bring up beef in their first face-to-face meeting in weeks

Well, they’ve now come face to face in front of the cameras for the first time since the shooting and addressed their beef in episode 394 of ImPaulsive.

Jake noted that the brothers were constantly at each other’s throats, and his main complaint was that he didn’t want the episode to air with their argument in it. “I don’t want that conversation to be broadcast. I said it to everyone and I said it makes both of us look bad and you still broadcast it,” he said, adding that it was a conversation they rarely had because they were so busy.

Logan replied: “The content of the conversation is not the problem, the problem is that it was broadcast online. “I think it’s just the speed at which we move, the busy lives we live. I often don’t think about the implications of what I’m doing and I think it’s just, you know, recording, posting, moving on from the situation.”

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The timestamp is 51:00

Logan added that his younger brother is more “emotionally mature” than him and that he has done a good job of “steering” him back on track after situations like this.

“We are in a world of being criticized, watched and criticized. Sometimes people want to see us fall and we are just here to help each other as human beings,” Jake concluded.

Logan added that his camping before the Dillon Danis fight also helped him “internalize” some of the things surrounding beef. Plus, Jake downplayed any idea of ​​them pretending to act, so it seems like they’re back on the same page.

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