Jake Paul criticizes Sean Strickland as he exposes DM with a $1 million fight offer

Jake Paul has revealed some text messages between him and Sean Strickland after the fighter turned YouTuber offered the former UFC champion $1 million for a fight that was shut down by the MMA organization.

Since entering the world of combat sports, Jake Paul has engaged in war of words with many different fighters. Most recently, his main target has been Sean Strickland.

Jake and the former UFC middleweight champion have been going back and forth on social media, especially after streamer Sneako bloodied Strickland during their fight session. That prompted the YouTuber-turned-fighter to offer to fight the middleweight, even offering $1 million to make it happen.

Strickland tried to get the fight going, but claimed the UFC shut it down – a claim that has been disputed by Jake and Tyrone Woodley. So Jake went all out and exposed the messages between him and Strickland about the proposed clash.

Jake Paul reveals DM to Sean Strickland about $1 million fight

“It’s a typical story of the UFC guys calling me out and then going quiet,” the fighter-turned-YouTuber said on episode 40 of the BS with Jake Paul podcast before showing messages between him and Strickland .

In those messages, Jake offered to send him a private plane to go with him to Puerto Rico for a “fight or fight,” and Strickland seemed fine with that. “Man, that’s a big salary, let me see what I can do,” the former UFC champion replied.

Jake also questions how Strickland can fight Sneako but changes tactics when offered to fly to fight him.

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That’s not all, however, as Jake has also criticized Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett for ignoring his offer of similar fights or sparring sessions.

“Maybe Paddy Pimblett can finally stop chasing my offers and I’ll take them all – one for one,” added the ‘Problem Kid’.

It’s highly unlikely he’ll be facing either of them anytime soon, but Jake is still nervous about something happening.

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