Jake Paul discusses what Fuseytube needs to recover properly

Jake Paul updates viewers on Fuseytube after people discovered that Jake helped pay for Fusey’s hospitalization.

On August 10, Fusey appeared on Bradley Martin’s “Raw Talk” podcast and admitted to the issue after the Deji boxing match. Fuseytube said that after his loss to Deji, the YouTube star went through some hardships, but Jake Paul had to pay for hospitalization at a mental health facility.

A month later, in September, younger brother Paul opened up about his relationship with Fuseytube and his thoughts on the situation in an episode of “BS w/ Jake Paul.”

Jake Paul speaks about the current Fuseytube situation

Jake Paul talked about how he “quietly helped Fuseytube get into rehab” and “helped get his mind back on track.”

Despite mentioning that “I don’t really want to talk about it” and “it’s really not my thing to talk about,” Jake still updated viewers on the situation.

He mentioned that Fuseytube was “currently at another facility” and that he “tried to contact him to no avail.”

Jake begs everyone to “continue to lift him up [Fousey]” and that he himself will try to “talk and hopefully give him [Fousey] some instructions.”

Dexerto initially reported on the interaction between Jake Paul and Fuseytube in August when Fusey first spoke about Jake Paul offering to help him. The full podcast where Jake Paul updates viewers on the situation is available on his BS w/ Jake Paul YouTube channel.

Jake’s brother Logan Paul is preparing for his hotly anticipated fight against Dillon Danis – where the two have been exchanging verbal blows before the fight.

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