Jake Paul protects Nina Agdal from Dillon Danis’s attacks

Finally, Jake Paul came to the defense of Nina Agdal and Logan Paul amid their online harassment from Dillon Danis, calling the former UFC fighter “hurtful.”

The Paul brothers have been at odds with Dillon Danis for a while now, dating back to Jake’s initial attempts to call up Conor McGregor for a boxing match just a few years ago.

As Dillon and Logan prepare to fight each other on October 14, the former UFC fighter has been in a surprisingly intimate relationship with the YouTuber-turned-wrestler. He repeatedly attacked his fiancee, Nina Agdal, posting photos – real and fake – of her with other men. That led to Nina suing Dillon as she sought a restraining order against him, as well as $150,000 in damages.

Typically when one of the Paul brothers went to war, the other would support him, but Logan and Jake themselves had to try a little harder. Jake previously stated that he doesn’t need to defend his brother because the drama between him and Danis is creating hype. However, he has now come to the defense of him and his fiancee.

Jake Paul finally defended Nina Agdal in the Dillon Danis beef

Jake joined his brother on episode 394 of imPaulsive as they addressed the current beef as well as everything going on between Logan, Nina and Dillon.

“When he tweets about anything other than Nina, no one cares, it doesn’t get good engagement,” Jake said. “Yeah, he jokes around a lot, but part of it is because he’s taking advantage of Nina and there’s a lot of hurt men out there who can’t get girls and they’re the ones who are like ‘yeah, those bitches damn, damn’ ck women, I love what Dillon’s doing’ and they know they’ll never get a hot girl.

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“Now they are looking to unleash their hate through this super hateful, insecure man, who is clearly a very damaged person.”

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Jake also downplayed the 2 billion views the former UFC fighter has received on his Twitter account over the past few weeks, noting that unless he goes after Nina, it won’t get traction get any traction.

With the legal case between Nina, Logan and Dillon, the war has taken a bit of a dangerous turn. However, Logan has stated that it is still ongoing and that it is now a winner-takes-all contest – at least on his part.

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