Joao & Tzarina take their relationship to the next level with their Below Deck Down Under date

Joao and Tzarina from Below Deck Down Under

Joao and Tzarina explore their romance in season 2 of Below Deck Down Under by going on a dinner date. The Tzarina was on high alert.

Joao and Tzarina may have gone off on the wrong foot, but their relationship grew a lot throughout season 2 of Below Deck Down Under. After succumbing to their undeniable chemistry, the chef and the boson finally decided to explore their romantic connection.

In an upcoming episode of Below Deck Down Under, the couple takes their sailing skills to the next level by going on a dinner date. Can the chef take her down for Joao?

Joao and Tzarina explore their romance on Below Deck Down Under

Initially, Tzarina was firmly against forming a romantic relationship with Joao in Below Deck Down Under. Tzarina previously revealed that Joao cheated on one of her friends, so she owes it to her friend not to get involved with him. Aesha even warned the Tzarina not to row with Joao, saying it was bad news.

Despite all the criticism, no one can deny the chemistry between Joao and Tzarina.

Luckily, it seems like Joao has changed for the better in season 2 of Below Deck Down Under. Fans admit that the bosun seems to be a better person in every way than the men the audience has seen in previous seasons.

Because of his progress, fans of the show are now rooting for Tzarina and Joao as a couple. And in season 2, episode 16, the bosun finally asked Cheffy out on a date.

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While Tzarina is excited for her upcoming date with Joao, she still can’t help but be wary of the whole situation.

“I was excited about my date with Joao, but my walls were going up,” she admitted in episode 16 (according to YouTube.) “Joao went into the season as the man most perfect that you would run into the mountains and meet to marry… but once a boy, always a boy,” she explained. “I don’t believe that one day he won’t wake up and leave.”

She then went on to ask Joao not to “embarrass her” by hitting her. Joao complies, but can he keep that promise?

Keep watching Below Deck Down Under on Bravo to learn about Joao and Tzarina’s relationship.

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