Joe Jonas urges fans to ignore rumors amid “difficult” Sophie Turner divorce

Joe Jonas took the stage at a Jonas Brothers concert to beg fans not to believe rumors about his “difficult” divorce from Sophie Turner.

The breakup rumors emerged after photos surfaced showing the 34-year-old singer without his wedding ring, and it was later revealed that he officially filed for divorce on September 5, 2023.

Speculation as to why one of the Internet’s favorite celebrity couples broke up continues to run rampant, as people’s opinions and various sources offer conflicting explanations. together.

Sophie Turner in particular faced a “smear campaign” surrounding rumors that they had different lifestyles. However, the campaign was quickly quashed after her fans rallied in support.

During the Jonas Brothers concert on September 9 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, Joe finally took the microphone to make his first public comments about his “difficult” divorce from the star. Game of Thrones stars.

Joe Jonas asks fans not to believe Sophie Turner divorce rumors

In a tweet posted to Twitter/X by Variety’s social media editor Katchy Stephan, the video was made available as thousands of fans were able to see the star’s personal comments about the challenge as he spoke.

“It’s been a difficult week. I just want to say, hey, if you don’t hear it from these lips then don’t believe it, okay? He can be heard speaking directly addressing media speculation.

He ended by saying, “Thank you everyone for your love and support. Me and my family love you,” as his fans cheered to show their support.

Aside from public comments, at the time of writing, the two have only publicly commented on the challenge in official written statements posted to their social media accounts.

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