Joe Rogan knocked out comedian Shane Gillis “eight times” after his MMA challenge

Popular comedian Shane Gillis has revealed that Joe Rogan outed him “about eight times” after he claimed the podcast host would be unable to do so.

Joe Rogan is as well known for his work with the UFC as he is for his own podcast – which is seriously the biggest podcast out there.

He has hosted and commented on UFC events since 1997 and has a background in mixed martial arts himself. Rogan regularly uploads videos of his ju-ju-jitsu and kickboxing training, as well as his mastery of karate and taekwondo. Some fans are even calling for him to get in the cage and fight Jake Paul.

Rogan has stated that he really doesn’t want to compete in the cage, but he has shown his skills in amateur events. And to his friends too, the recent exploits of Shane Gillis.

Joe Rogan knocked out Shane Gillis “about 8 times”

Gillis went on Andrew Schulz’s FLAGRANT podcast on September 14 and was asked about a recent photo of him and Rogan rolling around, in which the JRE host had him sitting in a crossbar hand.

“Last week I tried to fight Rogan… whoops! He ripped my shoulders off and I was beaten up so I was like ‘You can’t touch me, man,’” the comedian told Schulz.

“So I continued making love to him. He tapped me like eight times, man. He keeps going!” Gillis also noted that Rogan was also being ridiculed by others there, who claimed that the Philladiepa-born comedian was “stronger” than him. That just encourages him to try a little harder while wrestling.

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The stand-up comedian said he was also making fun of Rogan, saying his chokes “didn’t do anything” to him but also urging him to stop sometimes.

This is probably the closest we’ll get to seeing the JRE headliner actually wrestle some people unless he competes again.

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