Joey King slams Jacob Elordi’s “unfortunate” criticism of Kissing Booth

Joey King has responded to former co-star Jacob Elordi’s “unfortunate” criticism of Netflix’s hit Kissing Booth trilogy.

Netflix’s Kissing Booth trilogy was an instant success, with the forbidden romance between Elle (Joey King) and her best friend’s brother Noah (Jacob Elrodi) encouraging legions of fans. follow grave.

On set, the lead actor’s on-screen romance led to a real-life relationship, however, by November 2018, rumors began to spread that the two had gone their separate ways. .

Now, King has responded to his former partner’s recent comments criticizing the movie that initially brought them together.

Although the Kissing Booth trilogy boosted Elrodi’s acting career, he told GQ’s Men of the Year, “I didn’t want to do those movies before I did those movies. Those movies are ridiculous. They are not universal. They are an escape.”

Despite his disdain, Elrodi’s former co-star does not share the same opinion. At Balenciaga’s Saturday fashion show in Los Angeles, King told Variety: “I think it’s unfortunate that anyone feels that way.”

“I had a great time making those movies no matter what people said,” she continued. Another actor from the second and third films, Taylor Zakhar Perez, told Variety that he thought it was “embarrassing” for Elrodi to feel that way.

“Especially when those movies came out, that was when we really needed things like that,” Perez continued. “I know from interactions with our fans, getting stopped everywhere I go, what the Kissing Booth means to people and what it has done for them over time. so dark. I guess the lucky thing is that he still makes people laugh and feel good.”

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Responding to his former co-star’s comments, Elrodi made it clear that despite his feelings for the Kissing Booth trio, he is “Incredibly grateful to everyone in it.”

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