Jonah Hill’s ex Sarah Brady placed in mental health facility after abuse allegations

Jonah Hill’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady was recently involuntarily placed in a mental health facility after her abuse allegations against Hill.

About a month ago, professional surfer Sarah Brady aired out her dirty laundry with her ex-boyfriend Jonah Hill.

Along with advice to other women, Brady shared text messages between her and Hill on social media, showing the actor degrading her verbally.

Now, Brady has revealed that she was involuntarily sent to a mental health facility where she was taken advantage of and injected with drugs she never approved of.

Instagram: pagesixJonah Hill’s ex-girlfriend left the hospital with cuts and bruises.

Sarah Brady says she was treated like a “street dog” by medics

Brady and Hill dated briefly between 2021 and 2022. Though they broke up without a public announcement of a reason, Brady’s emotional abuse allegations against Hill have given fans reason to believe that’s why they ended things.

At the time of their breakup, Brady shared text messages between her and Hill with him asking her to take down certain pictures on Instagram as well as cut friendships off and only act according to how he saw fit.

She then urged females to make an “exit plan,” saying on her Instagram story, “This is a warning to all girls. If your partner is talking to you like this, make an exit plan. Love y’all! Call me if you need an ear.”

Now, about a month later, Brady has revealed that she was involuntarily placed in a mental health facility where she was injected with unknown drugs and held against her will. 

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Brady took to social media on Monday to describe one of many hospital holds that she’s had, saying that the Hawaii Queen’s Health System strapped her down and shoved a mask in her mouth while covering her face with “mesh s—t” before laughing at her.

She also stated that she was treated like a “street dog” while placed on the most “violent” mental health hold that she has ever experienced, as she’s been involuntarily admitted about a handful of times.

Brady also shared that medics at the hospital refused to give her water, saying, “I asked for water. They did not give me any. They dragged me by my arms and strapped me down on a gurney WITHOUT MY CONSENT.”

Brady continued to explain her experience, saying, “This is not my first experience with involuntary hospitalization without due cause, or without a clear determination that I was a threat to the safety of myself or others, which is the legal definition requiring to involuntarily hospitalize someone.”

Though Hill has not commented on his exes’ hospital experience, Brady is nonetheless out of her mental health hold. Though she left with bruises on her body, she is recovering after sharing her experience on social media earlier this week.

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