Kevin Patrick Wife: Who Is He Married To? Why Was He Fired From WWE?

Although Kevin Patrick is well known in the sports entertainment industry, he keeps his relationship with his wife, Meg, a secret. Meg’s decision to avoid public appearances allows the couple to maintain the honesty of their relationship. Kevin Patrick Egan, an Irish sportscaster, rose to fame thanks to his work in WWE. He also covers soccer for Fox Sports, Apple TV+ and CNN World Sports. Kevin, a former Raheny GAA player who was sidelined by injury, studied journalism at Griffith College Dublin. He began working for WWE in 2021 and provided commentary on Raw until October 2022, before transferring to SmackDown in 2023.

Kevin Patrick’s wife Meg and their relationship:

Meg, Kevin’s mysterious wife, has managed to avoid public attention and social media platforms. Despite her marriage to one of WWE’s most recognizable personalities, Meg keeps her personal life quiet. Kevin, who is active on social media, has acknowledged and supported Meg’s desire for a more private existence. He intentionally downplays Meg’s appearance on Instagram, even as she shares glimpses of her personal and business lives. They exhibit her devotion to her privacy not only through her social media habits, but also through her attitude toward public appearances.

Kevin Patrick

Kevin, who regularly talks about his experiences in WWE, keeps facts about his family private. While Meg remains a mystery to the world, her admiration and affection for Kevin Patrick are clear. Kevin Patrick actively expresses his love and respect for his wife in the rare posts and captions he posts. The happily married couple, who tied the knot on September 13, 2015, cherishes their family life and has been blessed with two beautiful children. Their children are James Andrew (born December 23, 2018) and Maisie Rose (born May 4, 2021).

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Why was Kevin Patrick fired from WWE?

In an unexpected turn of events, WWE announced the departure of Kevin, the former SmackDown commentator, on January 23, 2024. The surprise decision shocked the wrestling industry, causing fans to speculate about the reasons for his departure. . Earlier this week, WWE unceremoniously fired Kevin Patrick, who had just taken over as Smackdown’s lead commentator, after less than a month on the job. According to sources, Michael Cole will temporarily fill the empty spot on Friday nights. While none of the early stories hinted at his future with WWE, new events have shed light on the matter.

PW Insider stated:

“Although Patrick was personally liked, there had been a feeling for some time that he was not the right person for the role.”

This intriguing statement has left fans with more questions than answers. What made WWE conclude that Kevin Patrick wasn’t a good fit for the role? Was it due to performance, a change in creative direction, or internal corporate dynamics? Kevin Patrick, aka Kevin Egan, performed on various WWE shows for over three years until he was abruptly fired.

Kevin Patrick

Fans are baffled by Kevin Patrick’s departure and want to know more about the circumstances behind his surprise firing. However, fans must wait until WWE releases a more complete description or Kevin Patrick sheds light on the matter. Furthermore, the reasons for this unexpected departure will continue to be a source of great curiosity among wrestling fans around the world.

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