Kick co-founder hits back at former Twitch exec amid Adin Ross’ ‘Kim Jong Un’ broadcast

The streaming wars erupt as Kick co-founder Bijan Tehrani says his platform exists “rent free” under the leadership of former Twitch executive DjWheat amid a criticism surrounding Adin Ross’s recent livestream with a Kim Jong Un impersonator.

On September 20, Adin Ross went live with a Kim Jong Un impersonator after claiming that he wanted to go to North Korea to go live with the political leader.

Of course, controversial commentator Andrew Tate also joined in on the call, which broke viewership records on Kick with a whopping 300,000 live viewers at maximum.

However, this particular stream has caused quite a bit of controversy online over which individuals and what types of content are allowed on Kick… and it even caught the attention of a former Twitch executive .

Adin RossAdin Ross is one of Kick’s top streamers, who recently broke viewership records on the platform after inviting a Kim Jong Un impersonator to his broadcast.

DjWheat criticizes Kick after Adin Ross’ fake Kim Jong Un broadcast

DjWheat was Twitch’s Director of Creator Development before he left the company in 2022. He worked at Twitch for over 10 years and continues to be a major voice in the streaming industry.

On September 20, Kick posted a tweet commenting on Ross’s livestream with a fake Kim Jong Un, writing: “We are living in a simulation.”

“Your business is a simulation,” DjWheat replied in a quote.

Kick co-founder Bijhan Tehrani was quick to respond to this comment and simply replied: “Free rental.”

However, it seems like DjWheat isn’t taking the situation too seriously. In response to Tehrani, the former Twitch executive simply posted a meme that read “Crazy.”

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Kick also posted a response to DjWheat, telling him to “enjoy the show” along with a screenshot showing him following the company on X/Twitter. DjWheat responded with a gif of actor Nick Offerman doing the “I see you” gesture in front of the camera.

This is just the latest instance of DjWheat expressing concerns about Kick after calling the platform “fake” in 2022.

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