Kick promises guideline changes amid Ice Poseidon controversy

An Ice Poseidon livestream that resulted in the streamer being stolen sparked backlash from the Kick community and beyond. It has gotten to the point where the platform has had to promise changes to its community guidelines and how they are enforced.

While Kick has its fair share of popular streamers and has seen tremendous growth since it was founded, the live streaming platform has also had its fair share of viral streaming moments. more controversial.

Restrictions on Kick are a bit looser than those on competitors like Twitch, allowing for more diverse but also more chaotic content on the platform.

A recent Ice Poseidon stream caught the attention of some people who don’t frequent Kick, leading the platform to promise to change their community guidelines.

Kick promises new guidelines and stricter enforcement

Kick streamers have certainly been in the news lately, but not always for the right reasons. Between Johnny Somali’s arrest in Japan and Adin Ross conducting a fake interview with Kim Jong Un, the platform’s creators have a particular penchant for creating controversy.

Ice Poseidon is one such streamer and he has been in the news many times this year. He was arrested in Thailand for a lap dance but was later released and the charges against him were dropped.

However, he is now in the news again after a live streaming incident involving an escort who was paid $500 caused a lot of controversy on the platform.

According to the Poseidon Gang, he was not arrested for the incident as was believed for some time but was instead beaten. Regardless, the concept of livestreaming an escort, whether she knows she’s being filmed or not, still makes Kick hot for allowing such content on the platform.

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Therefore, Stone replied.

“There is incredible untapped potential in what live streaming has to offer. We firmly believe that the best days of live streaming are yet to come. With that said, public and community safety cannot be compromised in the process of creating ‘content’.”

Their response continued: “We are constantly learning where this balance lies and are making changes daily. We appreciate our community for their constant feedback, both good and bad. We will keep you updated on upcoming changes to our community guidelines and further enforcement actions.”

The community was not very pleased with this response, saying that it seemed like Kick had “said nothing” about the situation. And while they promised changes, there weren’t any details on what those changes would look like.

Additionally, some users criticized Kick’s CEO for joining the chat while it was happening. We’ll keep you updated on any changes Kick decides to make to their community guidelines.

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