Kris Chellani Accident: What Happened To Owner Of Street’s Classic Carolina Store?

A man named Kris Chellani died in a horrific accident. He died suddenly in a horrific event. News of his accident spread all over the internet. Currently, netizens are curious to learn about this incident. Kris is the owner of the famous classic Carolina store on Franklin Street. He opened the doors of a special educational facility on Wednesday September 6, 2023. He is the son of Dhruva Chellani. The Carolina vintage store owned by Kris was officially opened by his father. Now their son and he are no more in this world. Currently his mother is in critical condition. Now go through the entire article without missing anything.

Kris Chellani

Kris Chellani’s accident

Kris Chellani passed away on Wednesday, September 6, 2023. He was the owner of the Classic Carolina store located on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The news of his death broke the hearts of those close to him. His regular customers were shocked after hearing the news of Kris’s death. His father’s name is Dhruva Chellani and his mother’s name is Nina Chellani. He comes from an Indian family. His family is in dire circumstances. They are currently grieving the loss of their son. There is no information whether Kris has any siblings or not.

Kris Chellani

On Wednesday, September 6, 2023, Kris Chellani, Dhruva Chellani and Nina Chellani were returning to their home from a neighborhood. They will return home Wednesday night. Then suddenly their car had an accident and at that time Kris and his father both passed away. Both immediately lost their lives. Both were taken to the hospital immediately after the accident but upon arrival, doctors declared them dead on arrival. Scroll down to learn more about this case.

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Kris Chellani

Nina Chellani passed away under sad circumstances. This was a very difficult moment for her as she lost both of her family members. She lost her husband and son at the same time. father and son were both declared dead on Wednesday. Currently Nina’s situation is stable but the future will be difficult because she is alone at home. The news of Kris and his father’s death was officially announced by Tanya Bhandary. She announced this news on her Facebook account. She shared this news with deep sadness. May father and son rest in peace.

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