KSI and Adin Ross clash before their match with Tommy Fury

Adin Ross and KSI clashed on social media ahead of the YouTuber’s virtual face-off with Tommy Fury on September 16.

Adin Ross is set to host a live match between the two Prime Card fighters on his stream, but that didn’t stop KSI from calling him out on Twitter right before the meeting.

Prime Card is considered one of the most influential boxing matches in history, as both KSI and Logan Paul took on Tommy Fury and Dillon Danis, respectively.

KSI calls on Adin Ross to assist Andrew Tate

However, KSI called out Adin on Twitter and called him ad*ckrider, a day before the face-to-face meeting took place.

KSI, in one quote tweet from the announcement, said: “Finally got to talk to Andrew Tate/Jake Paul d*ckrider today. This is going to be fun…”

Adin Ross quickly responded: “Jake Paul owns me, man. See you tomorrow”.

Recently, Adin Ross and Jake Paul have been creating a lot of content together, with the top YouTuber appearing in several Adin’s Kick Stream.

Recently, the streamer put himself in a fake prison along with Sneako and several other content creators after the Tate brothers told him he wouldn’t last a day in jail.

For more news and updates on KSI’s upcoming fight with Tommy Fury, check out our in-depth guide to the Prime Card, which will also see Logan Paul take on Dillon Danis.

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