KSI shoots Jake Paul after facing Tommy Fury

KSI took the opportunity to show off Jake Paul after his face-off with Tommy Fury on the official DAZN Boxing channel, which received almost twice as many views as Jake’s own face-off with Fury.

KSI is set to fight Tommy Fury on the highly anticipated “Prime Card,” which will also see Logan Paul clash with Dillon Danis. Fury previously fought Jake Paul in February of this year and ultimately won by split decision.

KSI and Tommy Fury have been attacking each other on social media for a while now, and they even had a virtual face-off on Adin Ross’s stream, where Jake Paul also appeared on it.

KSI flexes Jake Paul with live views

However, the British YouTuber couldn’t resist poking fun at longtime rival Jake Paul above Twitterwhere he posts a screenshot of each Face Off with the caption “Level”.

KSI attracted attention when his live match with Fury gained 2.4 million views in just one day, while Jake Paul’s match received 1.8 million.

KSI’s numbers are supported by the fact that Prime Card has received a lot of hype over the past few months and it is considered the most influential boxing event of the year. However, 2.4 million views in just one day is truly impressive.

KSI has also gone as far as to claim that he will bet £1m on his win in October, although the exact rules about betting on yourself are yet to be worked out. If nothing else, it shows he’s confident going into the fight, just like Jake Paul.

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