KSI was confused when the Sidemen 2023 charity match suffered a copyright strike

KSI was left baffled when the 2023 Sidemen Charity Match had its copyright removed from YouTube following a request from the Premier League.

The Sidemen charity match has become a staple of the YouTube calendar over the past few years as the British content collective takes on some of the Internet’s biggest stars in a football match.

2022’s installment was pretty big, breaking the record for biggest YouTube stream, but 2023’s game took things to the next level. More than 2.6 million fans watched the match – which the Sidemen again won – but 62,000 fans also traveled to West Ham’s London Stadium to watch live.

Highlights of the game have been widely shared, with some players even uploading footage of themselves after playing with GoPros and body cameras. However, the official replay of the game was met with a copyright strike.

Sidemen charity match met with fake copyright strike

That’s right, for a moment on September 18, it wasn’t actually possible to try and watch the Sidemen stream again because the video was copyrighted by ‘FA Premier League’.

Some Sidemen fans reported that for whatever reason the video was inaccessible, prompting KSI to respond. “Lmao how could this happen?!?!” the YouTube star tweeted.

Some fans suggested that, given the match was taking place at West Ham’s stadium, there might be grounds for a strike on that basis. However, it appears this is a bogus attack as it is believed to be from the ‘FA Premier League’.

The FA – The Football Association – and the Premier League are separate entities and have different bodies for claiming videos from YouTube.

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The Premier League usually attacks everything under their ‘Premier League Productions’ banner while the FA attacks everything like the Football Association. ‘FA Premier League’ is not something real.

Whoever claims it doesn’t have too much of an impact, as the video was restored shortly after being taken down and backed up by many users.

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