Kỳ thủ Việt Nam giành HC vàng cờ ốc sau 8 tháng “tập”

Starting out as chess players, Ton Nu Hong An and Pham Thanh Phuong Thao quickly played Ouk Chaktrang (snail chess) very well in just eight months of intensive training, helping the Vietnamese sports team win silver and gold medals. first at SEA Games 32.

Hong An (left) and Phuong Thao (right) won the women’s team Ouk Chaktrang gold medal at SEA Games 32. Photo: Lam Tho

Hong An and Phuong Thao will definitely win the gold medal in the 60-minute team event of snail chess on the afternoon of May 2, even though this event still has one more round to finish. The two women left Vietnam and overcame strong kings like Thailand and Cambodia to win all matches and still have a formal match against Laos.

Like other members of the kingdom, Hong An and Phuong Thao both excelled as chess gems and only switched to playing Go for about eight months.

Both decided to be at the same low level in chess, they could not compete on the team. Switching to snail chess gives Hong An and Phuong Thao the opportunity to represent Vietnam in international competitions. Hai Mon has many similarities such as a square chess board with 64 squares, each side has 16 pieces including a king, a queen, eight pawns, two rooks, two horses and two symbols. The difference is that the suffix can only go into each country cell.

“Switching to the snail flag is an opportunity for me to present other aspects of myself and contribute to the achievements of the Vietnam Army Corps,” Hong An, 31 years old, said on the evening of May 2. “At first, I was confused about the shape or the moves, but with in-depth research, I gradually found the unique characteristics of this chess game, with a distinct Cambodian style.”

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Meanwhile, Phuong Thao admitted that her chess background helped her not encounter many difficulties when playing the new sport. “I think this is an interesting subject,” said the 24-year-old player. “Some differences are the rules of granting rank or counting countries”

Ton Nu Hong An was a chess general before switching to Ouk Chaktrang. Photo: Lam Tho

Snail flags are variations of the Khmer flag, the Thai flag or the makruk flag. In August 2022, the Chess Department of General Sports opened its first cyclone weapon in Can Tho, after Cambodia chose this subject to replace chess at SEA Games 32. Hong An and Phuong Thao were among the 10 best candidates selected to compete. In-depth training.

According to Mr. Nguyen Minh Thang – Head of the Chess Department of the General Department of Sports and Sports, the head of SEA Games 32, snail chess has a five-year-old history, but the whole country only has books on how to play and the content is very sketchy in Saigon. “We can find detailed and complete books teaching makruk chess in Thai,” Mr. Thang said. “We proactively buy and translate into Vietnamese for practice.”

Mr. Thang revealed that Hong An and Phuong Thao practiced “crazy” three mornings, afternoons and evenings with the goal of winning a SEA Games medal. Chess also focuses on appeasement such as pitting male players against female players, then introducing chess into national and national team championships. After that, the team went to Cambodia for training and was taught by a Cambodian flag expert.

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Therefore, the golden medal of the women’s team crown is in the calculations of the Vietnamese sports group. “We try to win two gold medals as our goal,” Mr. Thang said.

The men’s team event is expected when they just won against Cambodia. On May 6, the boy will bid with another strong opponent, Thailand.

After SEA Games 32, snail chess will still maintain practice, coaching, competition and development. Head of chess Minh Thang said that the team will continue to aim for SEA Games 33, because host Thailand is likely to organize a makruk chess competition with common flag rules.

Hieu Luong – Lam Tho (from Phnom Penh)


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