Lá bàng có tác dụng là gì?

Almond leaves have been causing a fever for a long time when being sold online and many people have tried to buy them. So what effect does the almond leaf have? Why do so many people care so much? Please read the article below now!

Are you wondering what effects almond leaves have? Let’s see the answer with LDG in the article below.

What effects does the almond leaf have?

In addition to being planted for shade in schools and roadsides, the almond tree is also considered a medicinal herb in Oriental medicine. Oriental medicine uses almond leaves to treat many different diseases such as fever, scabies, pimples, stomach ulcers, and numbness in limbs.

Scientific researchers believe that almond leaves contain many tannins, flavonoids, phytosterols, etc. These substances help reduce inflammation and help wounds heal quickly. In particular, the active ingredient tannin of almond leaves is used as an antiseptic and anti-septic for skin wounds.

Because of these beneficial ingredients, patients can use almond leaves to apply on the skin, or make bath water every day.

When using almond leaves for treatment, it will help disinfect damaged skin areas, increase the skin’s recovery speed, promote mobility, mild hives, acne, etc. Evidence shows that redness on the skin also reduces after a period of application

In addition, the composition of almond leaves contains many extremely powerful natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Therefore, it is very effective in treating fever, mouth ulcers, pain relief, and stomach pain.

Almond leaves act as noise for many people

Below are some remedies from almond leaves

– Treat tooth decay and paralysis: Wash the bark of the almond tree or young almond tree, put it inside, and make a special decoction with water. Using appropriate medicinal water twice a day, tooth decay and inflammation will improve significantly.

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– Heat treatment, manholes: Use young almond leaves to cook with concentrated water. After that, use this water regularly and your temperature condition will quickly be cured.

– Treat scabies and pimples: Wash the fat and young almond leaves, add the contents and boil with water, let cool and then soak the wound in medicinal water for about 20 minutes.

In case the wound is located in a position that cannot be soaked, use a borderless balloon and apply it to the wound every day.

– Treat stomach ulcers: Wash the young almond leaves, put them in the boiling module, and squeeze out enough drinking water to drink every day.

– Treatment of spastic paralysis: 7 – 10 washed almond or young leaves, a little salt. Use about 250ml of water, a little salt and almond leaves in a blender and puree then filter the water to drink every day.

– Treating vaginitis and cervicitis in women: Wash clean 10 buds or 10 young leaves, boil with 1 liter of water and 2 degrees of salt. Let cool, then inject, punch straight into the vagina 3 times a day, about 3 – 4cc each time.

– Treatment for young skin: Use young almond leaves to boil water and wash the wound.

Note when using almond leaves

Experts advise that the use of almond leaves depends on each person’s infrastructure and health status.

Therefore, before use, users need to consult a doctor to avoid aggravation of the disease.

In addition, if while using medicinal methods related to almond leaves encounter serious problems, users should stop and see a doctor for examination.

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