Landon Barker denies Charli D’Amelio’s “fake” relationship with ex Chase Hudson

Landon Barker has opened up about his romance with TikTok star Charli D’Amelio and has seemingly hidden her previous romance with ex Chase Hudson, calling out the relationship from the past Theirs is “fake”.

Charli D’Amelio is the second most followed creator on TikTok, with more than 151 million followers on the popular video sharing app.

At the beginning of her rise to online stardom, Charli was known for dating influencer and music artist Chase Hudson… but their relationship fell apart in 2020 after allegations of unfaithful.

The whole incident was dubbed a TikTok “drama” — and although the former couple eventually split, they remained close friends for a while. That was until Charli started dating musician Landon Barker.

Charli and Landon have been dating for over a year after first going public with their romance in the summer of 2022. Fans believe Hudson is upset about this development, as he almost called “ homie hopper” Charli on her song ‘All The Things I Hate About You.’

Instagram: landonasherbarkerCharli D’Amelio and Landon Barker have been dating since Summer 2022.

Landon Barker explains his reasons for staying in a relationship with Charli Lowkey

Chase and Landon used to be friends but apparently not anymore. The two spoke sparingly online over the next year – and it seems the feud hasn’t gone away.

In a recent interview on the Lightweights podcast, Barker opened up about his relationship with Charli, saying that they don’t feel the need to make their love life public like Charli allegedly did with Chase.

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“I feel like in the past, she’s had relationships where they were almost forced to post together,” he explained. “For us it’s not like that. It’s fairer to say, if we’re going out, we like our outfit, we’ll hang up the phone and make a stupid TikTok, you know?

“I feel like that’s the way to keep things healthy and that’s how we’re happy together, without any pressure. …because when there are goals in a relationship, they’re just fake, you know?”

(Thread starts at 9:15)

Even though Barker didn’t name Chase Hudson, fans are convinced he was throwing shade at Charli’s ex, since that was the only other public relationship she had before dating with him.

It’s clear that Barker is willing to support Charli and keep their relationship on the down low – although he recently caught the eye reportedly defending her honor at a party.

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