LEGO asks Police to stop using Minifigure heads on crime mugshots

Published: 2024-03-31T23:47:51 ❘ Updated: 2024-03-31T23:48:03

The LEGO Group has asked the Murrieta Police Department to stop using Minifigure heads on crime mugshots.

LEGO has asked the Murrieta Police Department to stop using its Minigifure head on suspects’ faces on crime mugshots after local police forces used it to highlight a new state law.

“The LEGO Group contacted me on March 19 and respectfully requested that we limit the use of their intellectual property in our social media content. Of course, we understand and will comply,” Lt. Jeremy Durant of the Murrieta Police Department said in a statement.

Murrieta Police Department The Murrieta Police Department has previously covered the faces of suspects, the faces of Barbie and Shrek, to name a few.

The request from LEGO comes after the Murrieta Police Department attempted to spread awareness about a new law taking effect to protect the identities of suspects.

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The new law was implemented on January 1, 2024, and prohibits law enforcement from sharing suspect photos for non-violent crimes, unless there are specific circumstances.

As a result, the Police Department made a series of posts featuring images of suspects with Minifigure heads and other characters from the movie, PhotoShopping over their faces to highlight the change.

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Durrant told Deadline that LEGO’s response was that they were “happy for us to use their images, but asked that we respectfully refrain from using their intellectual property on media sites.” our society”.

He continued, “They didn’t ask us to take everything down. It was basically, ‘Hey, you guys did well. Go ahead and stop now.” And we said, ‘Yeah, no problem.’”

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