Les Dennis Wife: Who Is He Married To? A Look Into His Relationship

Les Dennis is a well-known English comedian, actor and television presenter. He has made headlines not only for his successful work but also for his personal life. Dennis is best known for hosting the game show “Family Fortunes” from 1987 to 2002. He had three marriages. He is now content and happy with his third wife, Claire Nicholson. Les Dennis’ marital journey, his public and private life, and his wonderful narrative with Claire have aroused public curiosity and raised suspicions. Let’s dig deeper.

Les Dennis Marital Status

Lynne Webster and Les Dennis married in 1974. This relationship gave them a son named Phillip. However, by 1990, the couple had separated. His second marriage occurred in 1995 when he married actress Amanda Holden. Their partnership had ups and downs, including a brief separation in 2000 due to Holden’s adultery. In 2003, their marriage ended in divorce. Dennis’s life changed in 2005 when he met Claire Nicholson, a former human resources specialist. They decided to get married in 2009 and since then the couple has had two children, Eleanor and Thomas.

Les Dennis

Public and private lives of Les Dennis

Les Dennis’s personal life has often been scrutinized by the media. His divorce from Amanda Holden was particularly turbulent. Despite all the heartbreak and turmoil, Dennis had incredible strength and finally found happiness after these difficult times.

The love story of Les Dennis and Claire Nicholson Fate wanted Les Dennis and Claire Nicholson to meet in 2005 at a charity event. Dennis, still recovering from his breakup with Amanda, found solace and delight in Nicholson. Dennis’s life began a new chapter of love and understanding when they married in 2009. Claire’s presence has been crucial in Dennis’s evolution and healing from previous scars.

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Les Dennis


Les Dennis has emerged stronger and happier as a result of his hardships and suffering. His current relationship with Claire Nicholson is proof that there is always a rainbow after a storm. His up-and-down journey acts as an inspiration to many.

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