Lịch thi đấu VALORANT tại SEA Games 32 mới nhất hôm nay 8/5

Update the latest information on the competition schedule and results of VALORANT sports at SEA Games 32. Let’s follow and cheer for the Vietnamese team in Cambodia!

VALORANT is a tactical shooting game that has just been added as a new competition content of eSports (electronic sports) at SEA Games 32. Despite having to face very strong teams in the region, But the boys of Vietnam will still fight hard. So don’t forget to cheer for them on the match days below:

VALORANT SEA Games 32 match schedule

Round table (May 8 – May 9)

DayTimeTeam 1RatioTeam 2Note
May 812:00SGPVIE
May 81:00 pmORANGEMAS
May 814:00FLYINA
May 816:00MASFLY
May 817:00SGPINA
May 818:00FLYVIE
May 87:00 pmSGPORANGE
May 820:00INAMAS
September 516:00SGPMAS
September 517:00INAVIE
September 518:00FLYSGP
September 57:00 pmINAORANGE
September 520:00VIEMAS

Knockout round (May 10)

There is a schedule right after the end of the table.

Introducing VALORANT at SEA Games 32

Introducing the game VALORANT

Riot Games has come a long way since they first entered the FPS game market. VALORANT, from a B-level and underrated game, has now surpassed most of the big names in the market and compares its role with its predecessor CS:GO.

VALORANT is completely superior to CS:GO in terms of anti-hacking ability, and has far better graphics than the old Chien Kiem game, so this game is creating the ability to stand firmly in the Vietnamese and Vietnamese game market. Just need to add more firepower to truly explode, break through the limits and rise to become the number one FPS game in Vietnam. SEA Games 32 is that opportunity.

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VALORANT is one of the most popular shooting games at the moment (Photo: AGUSSW)

What are the opportunities for VALORANT Vietnam at SEA Games 32?

This is the first time VALORANT has appeared in the list of electronic sports offered to compete at SEA Games 32. However, it is not anonymous like AK 2, nor is it nostalgic like Nhuoc Kich, but carries with it the Fresh in terms of gameplay, modern in terms of graphics and youthful in terms of people.

Indeed, VALORANT’s community of players and viewers mostly depends on the age of students. Not too young like Free Fire, nor too old like Kich Kich. If you consider the long term, this is definitely an eSports game that does not have much development time and has a lot of potential to achieve great success like League of Legends has done.

The Vietnamese VALORANT player community is increasingly large (Photo: AGUSSW)

If the VALORANT Vietnam team achieves success at SEA Games 32, this game will create buzz and create momentum to further develop the e-sports tournaments that they have organized extremely meticulously. , professional.

VALORANT is very popular, there’s no doubt about that. However, the VALORANT player community has not yet built up the habit of watching settlement and treating matches as a healthy competitive sport. SEA Games 32 is an opportunity for players, teams and publishers to build their brands, as a basis for building an eSports community with strength comparable to their brother League of Legends.

VALORANT’s gameplay has improved over time, the more you play, the better it gets (Photo: Riot Games)

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When and where will SEA Games 32 VALORANT be held?

At this 32nd SEA Games, VALORANT will launch competition very soon if it provides other eSports (eSports takes place from June 5 – May 16), just after League of Legends: Wild Rift, another game. of VNG family. The group stage takes place on May 8 and May 9, the strongest teams will move on to the knockout round (May 10) and compete for a championship.

The VALORANT match at SEA Games 32 will be held at Olympia shopping center. This is also where matches of two other eSports disciplines take place: League of Legends: Wild Rift and PUBG Mobile.

Category competition

  • Fighting circle feature
  • The top 4 teams from the qualifying round next enter the Playoffs

National team participates

It is expected that there will be 6 countries competing in VALORANT. The official list includes:

  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines

List of VALORANT Vietnam teams

Where to watch SEA Games 32 VALORANT?

  • Youtube channel VALORANT Champions Tour Vietnam
  • Vietnam eSports Federation Youtube channel – VIRESA Official

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