Lil Pump, Sneako & N3on kicked out of Topgolf after “homophobic” comments

Rapper Lil Pump, along with controversial streamers Sneako and N3on, were kicked out of the Topgolf venue during a livestream after making “homophobic” comments.

Topgolf appears to be a popular location for many streamers, with Kick star Adin Ross recently visiting the range in August.

Unfortunately for him, he and his crew crashed while playing at a venue apparently based in Florida, forcing them to leave and cut their activities short.

Now, another dramatic incident has occurred at Topgolf during another high-profile Kick broadcast… this time featuring a major rapper.

Lil Pump, Sneako & N3on were kicked out of Topgolf after disruptive behavior

On September 20, rapper Lil Pump was hanging out at Topgolf with controversial streamers Sneako and N3on when the group got a little rowdy.

Footage taken from their Kick stream shows N3on going into the net in an attempt to catch stray golf balls, which are jutting out a huge drop above the actual golf course.

That’s not all; Another part of the stream shows an employee coming to the group and mentioning their camera. The streamers joked about kicking their cameraman out before Sneako said, “Also, I heard him say something homophobic before coming in and I just wanted to show you know. We stand with the LGBTQ community.”

The employee then left the area and it is speculated that he was “calling security.”

“I was joking!” Sneako exclaimed.

“Oh man, I think he was homophobic,” someone said.

“I think he just needs a little d**k,” N3on said. “Gay-a** f***.”

The group was then asked to leave – a situation that led to the stars insulting Topgolf staff, and someone on the team saying: “You’re going to have to work here for the rest of your life. Twenty, fifteen dollars a month, you son of a bitch*.”

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The incident sparked quite a heated conversation online, with some viewers appalled by the group’s behavior, while others took their side.

This is just the latest news to come from N3on after the streamer was reportedly mugged and robbed during a livestream in early August.

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