Lisa Blackpink được vinh danh với một loài thực vật mới khám phá ở Thái Lan

An actual object was given the real name of female idol Lisa Blackpink by a Thai research team, aiming at her popularity and contribution to the music field.

Lisa Blackpink was honored. Photo: AllKpop.

According to Korean media reported on the morning of April 13, researchers from Chiang Mai University, Thailand recently discovered a new type of aromatic plant in Narathiwat province.

This plant is classified as one of the rarest and most endangered species worldwide.

This plant was given a special name “Bunga Lalisa” in honor of Blackpink’s Lisa, who inspired the student research team.

The scientific name of the plant is Friesodielsia Lalisae Damth, Baka & Chaowasku. The decision to name the plant after Lisa is a tribute to the superstar’s influence and popularity, especially in her hometown.

Lalisa Manobal, commonly known by the artist Lisa, is a Thai female rapper, singer, songwriter and dancer active in Korea.

She is the youngest member of the Korean girl group Blackpink under YG Entertainment. Lisa made her solo debut with the single album Lalisa in September 2021, with the title single of the same name and set many records.


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