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What is Locket? This is the most searched keyword today, below ldg.com.vn explains what Locket is, in detail and exactly. Let’s consult now!

What is Locket?

Locket Widget is a fun application for couples or family members, helping to share beautiful moments through photos displayed right on the iPhone screen of the person you share it with.

For now, Locket Widget only works on iPhone, so you can consider buying a suitable iPhone for you and your loved ones.

Locket is a unique decoration that connects you closer to the people you love. With Locket, you can share images with up to 5 friends or loved ones. The special thing is that the shared photos will appear directly on your home screen.

Now, you don’t need to wait for them to open the app anymore. Locket has completely removed the disconnection layer, allowing anyone to access your mobile in a convenient and never before seen way.

What is Locket?

How to use Locket Widget?

To use Locket Widget, you need to do the following steps:

– Step 1: You and the people you want to connect must download the Locket Widget application to your iPhone

– Step 2: You access the Locket Widget application, then you grant the permissions requested by the application. You click the Set up my Locket item, then click the Enable Contacts item to display the contacts of your friends’ accounts.

– Step 3: You choose the person you want to connect by clicking Add. Then you send an invitation to join that person.

– Step 4: You go to the main screen page, press and hold an empty position at any time. Then, you select the plus icon in the left corner. Next, select the Locket item.

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– Step 5: You select Add a utility and select Done to complete the setup. Then, every time you take a photo, the moment of resolution will be shared with your people immediately.

Instructions for using Locket Widget on iPhone

Locket – a new trend of young people using social media

Because of posting photos on social networks, Hong Nhung, 20 years old, uses Locket to send photos directly to the Home screen of you and your loved one.

Nhung said she knew about this application a few months ago. When she sends a photo of herself to someone via Locket, the app will display her photo right on the recipient’s iPhone screen.

Mai Van Tinh, 23 years old, a software engineer in Hanoi, also enthusiastically joined the new trend. “I don’t like to post photos on social networks, instead I share my sculptural moments with my relatives and friends via Locket. Parents, close friends on the device can view photos directly on the screen without having to worry about it. no need to open the app,” he said.

Not only in Vietnam, Locket is becoming a favorite application in many places. According to Washington Post, When major social media platforms like Snapchat or Instagram are cited solely for mental health and safety concerns, young people are looking for simpler social media options.

Expert Andrew Selepak at the University of Florida was identified on WSJ: “Users use these apps not to follow celebrities, or to be algorithmically driven for advertising purposes. The apps are geared towards the original goal of the social network, which is Connect and share”.

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After finding Locket, 19-year-old Natalie Feliciano, who is studying cybersecurity at the University of Texas, downloaded the utility and convinced a group of close friends to use it. “Not often on social media, I feel like Locket gives me privacy. I don’t have to receive app notifications, just unlocking the phone and you can find your photos,” she said.

According to WSJ, Photo apps like Locket or LiveIn attract attention thanks to their convenience: users simply take a photo, send it, and it immediately appears in a small window on your Home screen. Both work for free and are currently among the most downloaded social networking apps on the App Store.

Locket was created by Matt Moss, a student at UC Santa Barbara. He designed the app in two weeks as a birthday present for his girlfriend. The app helps them share images to each other without accessing any apps to view them.

After posting his story on TikTok, Moss’s video received more than 100,000 views in just a few days. News about Locket spread on this platform which helped the application to be downloaded more and more. According to Sensor Tower statistics, in January, the app was downloaded 6.2 million times. By the end of April, this number increased to 15 million.

Locket is currently rated 4.8/5 stars. However, the application does not have filters or multi-image effects. One of the other modes is not allowed to share photos available from the gallery. Users must take live photos, making the application focus on the experience of time with a small group of people at most.

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Meanwhile, LiveIn, launched in February, also allows receiving images through the phone screen. However, it doesn’t add a blank canvas for users to scribble words or clear drawings before sharing. LiveIn also has a “World” feature to view public shares from people around the globe.

The interesting point of the application is to create a sense of surprise for users when unlocking the phone because they find the latest pictures of relatives and friends. Jennifer Grygiel, a professor of social media studies, said: “This type of image sharing application is a unique tool to show closeness and intimacy between senders and recipients.”

In addition to Locket and LiveIn, a number of other photo sharing utilities also started appearing this year such as WidgetPal and Comet: Live Friends Widget.

Locket – a new trend of young people using social media

However, these applications that attract millions of users also pose security risks. According to Titania Jordan, Marketing Manager at Bark Technologies, having photos automatically pop up on the screen can be surprising because there are images they don’t want to see, or feel seductive when someone is standing close. Jordan said, even though there are many phones, bad guys can also take advantage to send sensitive images, stimulate violence, arrest and use information through the above applications.

Above are the answers to what is Locket? Along with that is the new trend of social media of young people, synthesized by ldg.com.vn. Hope this information is useful for you to read. Be sure to visit us every day for more news!

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