Logan Paul blasts “coward” Dillon Danis for Twitter “lies” after press conference chaos

Logan Paul continued his beef with Dillon Danis, labeling his longtime rival a “coward” for heading straight to Twitter after their heated press conference. 

It’s been a little over two years since Logan Paul has stepped inside a boxing ring, but that hasn’t dampened any hype around his return fight. 

The YouTuber-turned-wrestling star is taking on Dillon Danis and things have been incredibly heated. They’ve clashed online for years, but Danis has taken things up a level now that they’re set to fight in October, as he’s been targeting Logan’s fiancee Nina Adgal. He’s continued to post pictures of her in an attempt to win the mind games battle with Logan. 

They were finally in the same room for the first press conference about the fight on August 22, but things descended into chaos after plenty of personal barbs were sent out from Logan, Dillon, KSI, and Tommy Fury. 

Logan Paul blasts Dillon Danis for ‘lying’ after press conference

As the press conference was halted due to the chaos of mics and tables being thrown, everyone went their separate ways. Logan got into it backstage with JiDion, calling the prankster “two-faced” while Danis headed to Twitter/X.

The former UFC fighter said he was “tired of the disrespect” given that Logan had flown in Mike Perry as the replacement fighter if Danis pulls out of the fight. Though, the YouTuber clapped back at Dillon. 

“Coward wouldn’t come out of his bedroom for the face to face until we forced him, showed up looking like a nervous puddle, threw a temper tantrum after I pelted him in the face with cake, stormed out of the arena, immediately runs to Twitter and lies about all of it,” he said. 

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Dillon’s response to that was another photo of Logan’s fiance, this time with her ex-boyfriend Jack Brinkley-Cook. 

The former UFC fighter has continued to post similar photos on Twitter/X, though some of them have been called out for being fake. 

Logan has said he’s not ‘fazed’ by the photos anyway as he’s the “happiest” he’s ever been. 

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