Logan Paul claims Dillon Danis “locked himself in his room” and refused to come out for face-off

Ahead of their press conference on Tuesday, Logan Paul claims Dillon Danis has “locked himself” in his room, and refused to leave, as the pair were scheduled to film a face-to-face sit down.

The build-up to the big fight has been everywhere on social media, largely thanks to Dillon posting countless pictures of Logan’s fiance with other men on his Twitter/X feed.

The two are set to meet on August 22, with a press conference scheduled for 4pm BST, but before this, they were due to film a sit-down, head-to-head type meeting.

On Instagram though, Logan went live, and accused Danis of hiding in his hotel room, and refusing to come out.

Logan calls out Dillon Danis for hiding in hotel room

Logan went live early on August 22, speaking to KSI and explaining that Danis was not leaving his room.

“Dillon has locked himself in his room, and refuses to come down,” he said. KSI joked that Danis was a “little hermit.”

“All this talk on Twitter, his Instagram, but then, in real life, scared,” KSI continued.

“I think he’s sh*tting himself,” Logan said.

Logan then flipped the camera round to show a crew ready, lighting set up, and the mediator ready to go – with Dillon not present.

“Look how many people are here, waiting for this one guy to show up. Who has locked himself in his room.”

Dillon Danis shows up – 40 minutes late

Later, it was reported on social media that Dillon had in fact shown up, but did so 40 minutes later than the scheduled time.

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Danis is yet to respond at the time of writing and explain his side of why he wasn’t present earlier, or if he did in fact lock himself in his room and refuse to come out.

Late the night before though, Danis tweeted that he had “a feeling” that it would be Logan who would no-show the press conference.

We’ll keep this story updated as the day goes on, as Logan and Dillon finally come face-to-face.

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