Love Is Blind fans convinced producers to intentionally hire contestants to cause drama

Do Love Is Blind contestants join the popular Netflix show to find love or to become famous overnight? Viewers say it’s more of the latter.

The purpose of the Love Is Blind experiment is to have a group of single people enter the group and test whether they truly love someone without being seen. To be on the show, potential contestants must apply. After that, the casting department will screen applications to select suitable people.

Some happy couples have been created thanks to the series and its ever-increasing number of spin-offs, but that’s not a high percentage when you consider the number of contestants.

Now, it makes sense that not everyone comes out of their shell and ties the knot. For some, the marriage process may be too quick, and others may not have found their true love during the trial.

However, if you are a viewer, the main reason why the show’s popularity rate is so low is because the stars are looking for fame.

Love Is Blind fans are going crazy over the production

On February 9, LIB viewers took to Reddit to accuse Netflix and the production team behind the series (Kinetic Content) of not intentionally hiring the right people for the series.

One fan wrote: “In America, producers look for influencers who will bring drama and trauma. Like Shane, Shake, Bartise, Irina, Izzy and Jacquline. In most cases, people do not have enough material resources to get married, grow up or be mentally stable.”

Another fan agreed, writing: “Maybe if Netflix was willing to sacrifice some of the ratings they would choose more authentic candidates. But it’s their choice!”

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Season 6 will premiere on Valentine’s Day and hopefully some of the contestants will be able to change fans’ minds.

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