Love is Blind’s Cameron & Lauren want their own dating show after backlash from the host

Love is Blind stars Cameron and Lauren hope to host their own dating series amid backlash from hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey.

Cameron and Lauren were awarded as fan favorites in Love is Blind. In fact, viewers are left with the impression that the reality series wouldn’t be half the success it is today without the season 1 couple.

Because they love Lauren and Cameron so much, many viewers petitioned to let the season 1 couple host the show, favoring them both over Nick and Vanessa Lachey. In response to the requests, Cameron expressed his desire to do his own dating series with Lauren.

Cameron and Lauren from Love is Blind want to create their own dating show

Nick and Vanessa Lachey have faced backlash as hosts of Love is Blind, with fans claiming they were too biased.

So many people asked for the season 1 couple to replace the Lacheys. Cameron took to his YouTube channel to address the topic.

“I know that a lot of you have been asking us to host Love is Blind,” Cameron said. “There’s not much I can say about that. But I will say this. Lauren and I… I think we really saw ourselves having our own show. You know, our own unique show, like a dating show that we host.”

He went on to add: “For me, I really just love seeing people connect and fall in love and build those relationships. I really think the experience we went through allowed us to share some insights that I think will be helpful.”

Of course, fans are delighted with the idea of ​​Lauren and Cameron hosting their own show. They expressed their excitement in the comments section.

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“Having your own show is a great idea,” one fan wrote. “Hope you give more opportunities to older people looking for love (40, 50, etc.)”

Another agreed and added, “Would love to see you and Lauren host/create a dating show!! The nature of connection and your perspective on relationships and people is what I want to see in LiB. Sometimes the ‘scandalous’ stories included in LiB start to make me feel uncomfortable.”

Head over to Netflix to watch the all-new season of Love is Blind.

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