Love Is Blind’s Laura criticized for “stupid” Season 6 merchandise

Published: 2024-04-01T00:16:32 ❘ Updated: 2024-04-01T00:16:44

Laura Dadisman from Love Is Blind Season 6 just released merch and it didn’t take long to receive backlash.

While LIB audiences enjoy watching the contestants get to know each other as a group and following their on-screen journey, the excitement the audience has for the stars quickly fades.

Specifically, shortly after the release of Season 6, reunion fans called on the cast to participate in the post-production filming of their “impact period,” which initially consisted of activities journalism on television shows and podcasts.

Now, some stars have moved on to release their own products and fans are not happy at all.

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On March 29, LIB fans took to Reddit to share their reactions to Laura Dadisman’s merchandise.

Notably, the reality star released a T-shirt that read “Let’s go rockin’ with open-toed shoes,” a line from one of her on-screen conversations with her fiance ex Jeramey Lutinski.

“This isn’t even clever or funny,” one fan wrote. It’s incredibly lame and tells me that Laura thinks the audience is a bunch of idiots who will buy anything.”

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Another fan chimed in and wrote: “I hate how this is happening now. C-list reality stars say a catchphrase and then make their own merchandise with it…. Only …. Stop.”

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“This phrase is so stupid that I feel embarrassed every time she says it on the show,” an audience member also commented.

Laura isn’t the only Season 6 star who decided to release merchandise. Chelsea Blackwell has also released her own collection of merchandise, including t-shirts that say ‘Megan Faux’ on them.

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This was a reference to her comparison to actress Megan Fox, which caused a worldwide reaction and even caused Megan Fox’s ex-husband to speak out.

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