Love Island USA’s ‘heart rate challenge’ almost causes Carmen & Kenzo to breakup

Carmen left Kenzo questioning her loyalty to him after the iconic ‘heart rate challenge‘ in Love Island USA Season 5.

Love Island USA is notorious for having islanders get risqué during challenges like ‘truth or dare,’ ‘raunchy races,’ and most recently in Episode 32, the ‘heart rate’ challenge. 

Though kisses may be exchanged between non-coupled individuals, the name of the game is to win — so seldom do those coupled up get upset at their partner for doing what they wouldn’t typically do outside of the challenge.

However, when Carmen got a little too close to the island boys during the iconic ‘heart rate challenge,’ her boyfriend Kenzo nearly broke up with her, causing Carmen to hysterically cry in fear for her relationship.

Instagram: loveislandusaCarmen made Kenzo question her loyalty after her ‘heart rate challenge’ performance.

Carmen calls Kenzo out for not trusting her 

Carmen and Kenzo have been coupled up for a while, resulting in Kenzo asking Carmen to officially be his girlfriend while on an intimate beach date. Carmen, happy to be exclusive with Kenzo, was quick to answer yes.

Though they’ve kept their relationship calm, cool, and collected, when Carmen danced on the laps of the island boy during the ‘heart rate challenge,’ Kenzo became irate, leaving his new girlfriend in tears. 

The ‘heart rate challenge’ consists of the guys and girls dressing up in barely there costumes. While everyone wears a heart rate monitor around their chest, the islanders take their turns to dance on the opposite sex with a strip tease. 

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Though the challenge was supposed to be fun, Kenzo took it too personally when he saw Carmen, who was dressed as an Angel, dance on guys like Leo, Marco, Scott, and more. 

After the challenge was finished, Carmen and Kenzo made a point to address the situation. As Carmen wiped away her tears, she said to Kenzo, “Obviously I’m not gonna act like that in the real world, and it’s supposed to be lighthearted.”

Though Kenzo told Carmen that he thought she “went too far,” Carmen continued to explain herself, saying, “I was so excited to come out there and the way you reacted doesn’t make me feel sexy, doesn’t make me feel confident.”

She then asked Kenzo, “Why don’t you trust me? I haven’t done anything to deserve this lack of trust… If you don’t trust me in here, I don’t know what that’s going to say about the real world.”

Carmen also took to a confessional to say, “I feel like it just comes down to a deeper issue, that he just doesn’t trust me.”

Eventually, Carmen and Kenzo hashed out their jealousy and different opinions on how the ‘heart rate challenge’ went. After their argument ended, the two went to bed together after Carmen snacked on grilled cheese while Kenzo explained to her how they can “get through anything.”

Episode 33 is set to air tonight, Tuesday, at 9 PM exclusively on Peacock. Though the previous Episode ended with most of the girls picking their indefinite couple’s partner, Kassy and Johnnie are left to choose. Carmen, however, already chose Kenzo before the show ended with a cliffhanger.  

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