Love Island’s Whitney reveals the moment she wanted to leave the show

There was a time when Whitney Adebayo from Season 10 of Love Island UK was contemplating leaving the villa.

Arguably one of the fan favorites from the entire Love Island UK Season 10 is Whitney Adebayo.

From her pleasant mood to her love relationship with Lochan Nowacki, it’s no surprise that she and her co-stars made it to the finale and came in second place below Jess & Sammy.

However, it wasn’t always a pleasant experience for her. Now that Whitney has been out of the villa for a while, she’s spoken out about when she wants to leave the show.

Does Love Island’s Whitney want to leave Season 10?

On September 6, Whitney appeared on the Saving Grace podcast to discuss her experience during the season. And she doesn’t hesitate to talk about how different the dating scene on the show is for her.

She said, “The producer is telling you, ‘talk to these guys, talk to these guys’ and I’m not like that. I don’t chase men. Do you know what I mean? For them to tell me, ‘go talk to this person’, I’m friends with the girls. I would rather relax with them.”

The reality TV star even admitted that it was Casa Amor that almost brought her to the point of despair.

Whitney added: “I’m not looking for a man. At Casa, I thought ‘this is too much’. Guys, please get rid of me. Just get rid of me. It’s just too much.”

If she hadn’t held her head high and continued participating in the program, she would never have met Lochan. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

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