Ludwig was shocked after OpenAI chose former Twitch CEO Emmett Shear to lead the company

Internet star Ludwig Ahgren was shocked after OpenAI hired former Twitch CEO Emmett Shear to run the company just days after Sam Altman was ousted by its board.

On November 17, 2023, Sam Altman was abruptly removed from his role as CEO of OpenAI. In a blog post, the company revealed that it “no longer has confidence” in his ability to lead the company.

Efforts to reinstate the co-founder were made over the next few days, but after both attempts failed, Altman was chosen by Microsoft to lead the new AI division.

As a result, OpenAI hired former Twitch CEO Emmett Shear, and the platform’s former biggest star shared a few words about their new leader.

Ludwig was shocked after OpenAI hired Emmett Shear

In a post on his Twitter/X account, Ludwig made his thoughts and feelings about Emmett Shear joining OpenAI quite clear.

“Emmett shear may be the greatest interviewer of all time,” he said in the tweet. “How he went from losing millions of dollars over seizures and turning users/creators against him to being the CEO of the most important AI company in the world is crazy.”

With streaming platforms like Kick and YouTube growing over the past year, more and more streamers who were previously loyal to Twitch may be starting to speak out about the site as they realize they can make a choice between platforms.

Ludwig left Twitch for YouTube Gaming before Shear left the Amazon-owned company in March 2023 to spend time with his newborn son.

Shear explained why he decided to take the CEO position at OpenAI in a post on Twitter/X, saying he had an “obligation to help.”

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“I took this job because I believe OpenAI is one of the most important companies in existence. When management shared the situation and asked me to take on this role, I did not make the decision lightly. Ultimately, I feel an obligation to help if I can,” Shear said in her post.

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