Man discovered cheating after husband saw TikTok spreading the word “family destroyer”

A man went viral on TikTok after he recorded a relationship surveillance video with another man, only for his husband to watch and ask if they had met.

Relationship dramas have always been one of TikTok’s favorite genres, especially now that people are using the app to document their daily lives.

The movie Couch Guy is still mentioned on the app, even though it happened two years ago, and we constantly see videos of cheaters being exposed by their scorned partners, who suspect that something is happening.

Well, in the case of TikToker Charliebcx, he posted a video of a staircase at the home of a married man he was pursuing because he liked the “medieval” aesthetic. However, that has landed the married man in some hot water.

The man went viral after the couple’s husband discovered his house on TikTok

Charliebcx posted his first video on September 20 with the caption: “leaves an impression but this guy’s stairs have a medieval look.” Since then, that video has received 2.3 million views, including one from the married man’s husband.

The TikToker dropped the update a day later on September 21, calling himself a “home wrecker” as he spliced ​​his original video with several messages he received from the man he he saved as ‘Le Marais’ in his phone. “Are you recording a TikTok on my stairs?!??” the man asked.

“Hello. My husband saw it and immediately asked if you and I had met!!!!” That clip garnered another 1.3 million views, and viewers became obsessed with the film.

“The biggest plot!” one viewer commented. “Why do I think I was on that staircase in Le Marais?” another added. “No, it wasn’t the husband who saw it,” said another.

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Charlie has since added a third video with his “official statement” on everything, claiming that he did not know at the time that the other man was married.

Users are expecting more useful information from the movie, but who knows whether that will happen or not. It could become another infamous part of TikTok’s relationship movie history.

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